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Brewster Kahle: Universal Access to All Knowledge

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Dahlia Avatar
Posted: 02.27.11, 09:23 PM
this is the most exciting project i've ever heard about...of course, i imagine at the point when it begins to do really great things they will have many more problems with lawyers, governments and such! let's hope they won't be insuperable. one thing he didn't mention was magazines, i'm interested in old publications of this sort and i wonder if they aren't even more useful for historiologicical purposes...much more likely to be pulped and lost forever too.
captain Avatar
Posted: 07.25.10, 07:03 AM
@Periergeia: Reading your ignorant post was a total waste of time. Yes, they are web crawling and maintaining a historial record of seemingly random information, but if you listened then you would have heard about their relationship with official libraries from multiple institutions/countries. They are speaking from the librarian's point of view. Go back over his point about 'contract' content. As more information is put online under the control of a single business entity with potentially selfish goals, access to that content can be controlled (Ie. sold) by that business no matter what the content is. The key word you used was _Access_. I am wondering about non-repudiation and authenticated content in their system. I can't seem to find documentation on how they preserve the authenticity of their digital content.
Periergeia Avatar
Posted: 06.13.10, 10:33 PM
Access to knowledge is facilitated by education, not by technology. What he is talking about is access to random information. Since he obviously does not seem to know the difference, listening to Mr. Kahle is a total waste of time.