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Moderate Islam: Western Ally or Western Myth?

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Sarah999 Avatar
Posted: 08.24.11, 02:17 PM
The male speaker mumbles, making him difficult to understand.
Sarah999 Avatar
Posted: 08.23.11, 08:06 PM
Islam Cannot change because: for over a thousand years. . . their MEN have been selectively bred to be aggressive & without conscience and their WOMEN have been bred to be docile & submissive. It's in their DNA . . Only Aggressive Men & Submissive women SURVIVED (a la Darwin) in Islam. And now, the ISLAMIC culture is replete with aggressive warrior men who KILL, MAIM, BEHEAD, STONE, HANG, AMPUTATE, MUTILATE, RAPE ETC. and SUBMISSIVE women who COWER, are BEATEN, LASHED, ABUSED, RAPED, are DOCILE, MUTILATED, COVER UP & SHUT UP. Islam cannot change. Muslims with "a conscience" should choose a religion that allows them to have "a conscience".
G. Heston Avatar
G. Heston
Posted: 04.09.11, 12:10 AM
Islam is just Nazi-ism under another name. The Nazi's believed that everyone that didn't follow them was to be killed, just like islam. They lie when they say islam is about peace. They don't want peace, they want you under their thumb. Islam is just another bullshit religion that people will use to do something so awful that years from now people will wonder how it could have happened in the first place. Religion is nothing more than a mental disorder.
SapperK9 Avatar
Posted: 09.27.10, 11:44 PM
Wafa is sting, to me, the obvious, but unstated; Islam is a polity not a religion. Could we and did we attempt to redefine Communism or Fascism to make them domestically consumable? We must declare war, and attack any Islam anywhere as the political enemy of democracy.
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 09.24.10, 06:49 PM
No one can deny WAFA, She speaks from experience this I beleive. The rest of the people grew up in front of the Mickey mouse club! Thanks Fora tv, Wafa is Right. Nothing more to say! EDL knows this!
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 09.04.10, 01:01 PM
She is right everytime, Islam is dangerous to people who wish to be free, at least free from ISLAM, stop mosques and madrassas, keep muslim religion in their own homes. Seems to be no other way, 1900 mosques and 2.35 million Muslims in the USA.
kikl Avatar
Posted: 08.05.10, 12:54 PM
Mr. Pipes is not arguing that moderate islam exists. He agrees, it does not exist. Therefore,moderate islam is a myth. Mr. Pipes is arguing that moderate islam may exist. I don't know, but I find it highly improbable. What do we mean by moderate islam? I think an Islam compatible with basic universal human rights. The quran would have to be rewritten.
Lary9 Avatar
Posted: 07.28.10, 09:17 AM
Reply to Arab woman~~~
~~~ That is because she believes that no peaceful alternative can exist for a religion with aggression at its core . ~~~ The problem with this thinking is that the violent surrahs (Medinan) were written later than the peaceful surrahs (Meccan). All Muslims know this but because the Quran is arranged by size of surrah, the timeline represented in the book is misleading to non-Muslims. Finally, there's the Quranic exegetical device called 'abbrogation' which requires that any later surrah written after an earlier contradicting surrah has primacy in textual exegegis. Lary9 [QUOTE=far_spam;40432]. . Wafa Sultan wrote for the neo-conservative website Hudson New York, As an Arab woman who suffered for three decades living under Islamic Sharia , it is clear to me that Islam’s political ideology and Sharia must be fought relentlessly by Western civilization to prevent its application in a free society. . . She has a medical degree from the University of Aleppo in Syria. Does the Taliban in Syria let women get medical degrees? . . In an op-ed piece published in the Los Angeles Times (June 25, 2006) and titled “Islam’s Ann Coulter,” Rabbi Stephen Julius Stein at Wilshire Boulevard Temple, who attended a fundraiser for a local Jewish organization where Sultan was a speaker, wrote, “ The more Sultan talked, the more evident it became that progress in the Muslim world was not her interes t…. She never alluded to any healthy, peaceful Islamic alternative.” The rabbi mentioned that Judea Pearl, father of murdered journalist Daniel Pearl, “was one of the few voices of restraint and nuance heard that afternoon. In response to Sultan’s assertion that the Koran contains only verses of evil and domination, Pearl said he understood the book also included ‘verses of peace’ that proponents of Islam uphold as the religion’s true intent. The Koran’s verses on war and brutality, Pearl contended, were ‘cultural baggage,’ as are similar verses in the Torah.”
Ganesha Avatar
Posted: 06.11.10, 09:04 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Lary9 This is how you Ascertain_the_Truth? I see it's the lengthy, bombastic version. Very tiring to read Ascertain_the_unTruth's posts. He repeats the same clap trap in every post in every thread. More and more people in the West are finally learning about the ugliness of Islam and are not afraid to talk about it.
Lary9 Avatar
Posted: 06.04.10, 11:02 AM
This is how you Ascertain_the_Truth? I see it's the lengthy, bombastic version.