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Climate Change Debate: Will Green Put us in the Red?

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wb3 Avatar
Posted: 02.21.10, 05:58 AM
Fewer people would probably lead to fewer environmental problems however, there is no easy or realistic way to lower the human population... has a pretty interesting post on this subject;
tyflofora Avatar
Posted: 01.02.10, 08:11 PM
if you have to throw out the "if... then" statement. you have to testify it. Is it this is the basic science logic?
tyflofora Avatar
Posted: 01.02.10, 05:08 PM
I want to know, why is it so hard to put up clean energy power plant now? when it was in 100 more years ago, when people put up all the coat power plants, it didn't seem that anyone reluctant to do that, and didn't seem them anyone had problem with that. Why is it so hard to put up solar power plant now? I know about the cost factor. But WHY is it so hard?
eyeswideoopen Avatar
Posted: 12.24.09, 09:02 AM
Reply to Nikiwind
Response to Nikiwind: Buy yourself a decent pair of speakers because the sound quality on Fora TV is outstanding. I recommend Bose.
eyeswideoopen Avatar
Posted: 12.24.09, 09:01 AM
This cap and trade idea is psycopathic and the people who cooked it up and promote it should be locked up in a facility where they can't be a danger to themselves or others. Why don't we just set pollution limits on the big producers of pollution and enforce those limits? Too easy? No room for fraud? No incentive for poor countries to kill their own populations to get development dollars in the form of credits? No way to extort companies? No way to redistribute wealth? What ever happened to the smart people in the world? We are living in the idiocracy.
nikiwind Avatar
Posted: 12.24.09, 05:40 AM
impossible to listen to the sound quality is abysmal
kisekiman Avatar
Posted: 12.22.09, 02:53 AM
The 800lb gorilla in the room is the global population increasing by 80 million humans per year. Any reductions in emissions per capita will be offset by more people. This was never even discussed apart from the observation that the disappearance of the US would not make a dent in global emissions in 20 years due to the forecast increases by China and India.
Calorus Avatar
Posted: 12.21.09, 07:37 AM
JUST FOR THE RECORD: The Refrigerator example that was given was not a "Great American Success Story" - it was a "Great American Failure". All they did was require that America made refrigerators almost as well as the Japanese did at the time.

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