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Paley Center IC2009: Verizon, Viacom CEOs in Conversation

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itchy8me Avatar
Posted: 12.10.09, 04:28 PM
huh.. no sim cards in america?!!? i should get out more.
thecamlayton Avatar
Posted: 12.07.09, 05:58 PM
I highly doubt home content delivery is going to change much in the next 2 years let alone 10 years. That is, a large viewing screen with content much like T.V. shows and movies; much like the last 60 years. People are accustomed to it. Of course, it will be on demand for recorded content and live for live broadcast. Hulu will be a good fit with this model. On demand content streamed over the Internet; I don't see a near-term problem with this. The Sixth Sense thing is a bizarre attempt to prove his point. Also, from what I've seen, Sixth Sense is far from being commercially viable. While interesting, the technology isn't close to being ready yet.
Jaya Kumar Avatar
Jaya Kumar
Posted: 12.05.09, 11:40 PM
I was surprised that Seidenberg refers to the Sixth Sense invention as hilarious. I have no idea what he finds so amusing about that technology and that concept. In his attempted explanation of what it is, he misinterprets what the Sixth Sense concept is about, and even proceeds to say that it is about watching TV on the side of a building... His final conclusion that companies that innovate will do better than companies that don't, wow, deeply insightful stuff (at least for him). :-)
sirvedeus Avatar
Posted: 12.05.09, 09:46 AM
Regarding Hulu, I think Mr. Sedenberg has misinterpreted Hulu's value. Television is still preferred for time-sensitive broadcasts like press conferences and sporting events. But the internet's capacity for search and on-demand viewing makes it more suited for content that is not time-sensitive like movies, sitcoms, documentaries - none of which are diminishing in popularity. Hulu will continue to be relevant as delivery system for NBC's non-time-sensitive content. Whether NBC will remain relevant in its capacities to filter scripts for popular video content and transform them with high production value will depend on NBC's business model and creative prowess going forward.

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