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A Conversation with Andre Agassi

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Commonwealth Club of California

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Taotaoasan13 Avatar
Posted: 02.27.10, 07:59 AM
I have always liked Andre Agassi as a tennis competitor. Now I have a huge respect for him as an individual. He is giving back to his community in his charter school and he has grown as a man, a father and a husband, I'm sure. Kudos to Andre! Much good luck and success with your charter school and your life's endeavors.
Adrijus Avatar
Posted: 01.22.10, 03:46 PM
Brave guy Andre is!
Lubo Avatar
Posted: 12.24.09, 06:01 PM
Andre is a legend!!!
Zero Avatar
Posted: 12.20.09, 12:15 AM
If it weren't for the tennis that he so dreads, this shmuck would be lucky to hold down an office job or work in a garage fixing cars.
etyrnal Avatar
Posted: 12.19.09, 03:01 PM
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