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Paley Center IC2009: The Future of News Worldwide

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Dana R DFD Avatar
Dana R DFD
Posted: 12.26.09, 03:35 AM
sooo the daughter of a major network get the first question ,i seen this before on this site , you fill the seats with the family and friends of corporations regularly and then debate among the people we should despise , you and everyone else does this , you use corporations for talking points and call it a debate , you use the same tactic every-time , this site is just another Bilderberg group , you keep people going from one mainstream media to another main stream media , it is all just a song and dance from the good old boys club , how can you claim to bring independence when you choke the shit out of life with the blue wall of silence .
gr8day8 Avatar
Posted: 12.17.09, 01:53 PM
Generally, paywalls don't work. SALON.COM tried it and they said it took 5 years to recover. Once users get in their mind you're walled off, they won't come back. I think the WSJ has a unique brand.
phiscal Avatar
Posted: 12.09.09, 10:37 AM
This is the most provocative and wide ranging discussion on the media I've seen yet. Absolutely fascinating!

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