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Minds For Sale: The Future of the Internet

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Mishka1 Avatar
Posted: 05.14.10, 05:08 PM
His point about the turks is off base. Exploitation of labor is in most every industry offline and online. It is not a result of the internet, but it is nice to hear it brought up so people will be aware of the human rights issue.
ErgoLatin Avatar
Posted: 03.05.10, 08:34 AM
When you say that you want to stop the future of the internet I think you mean you want to stop the relinquishment of personal control over your personal computer. You used an example of grandma losing control on the computer but, frankly, I don't think full control of a computer can ever be achieved unless you fully understand it which is in the realm of UNIX people, geeks and hackers. A desktop computer which is the wizard of computing is not necessary for game maching, for example, or a refrigerator. A refrigerator does not have to run a random .exe file. It only has to run stabalize_temperature.exe so your fear of someone rogue taking grandma's refrigerator is paranoia. The future of the internet is controlled computing by limiting computing to a specific task as the Amazon Kindle is an example. The Kindle uses the internet but the internet cannot use the Kindle. What can use a consumer is the power at the other end of the internet. That relationship between you and someone else has been the raison d'etre of man's existence. If Amazon is going to abuse its end of its relationship with you then you have to fight back like man has against all opressors in history: WAR.
phiscal Avatar
Posted: 02.03.10, 04:56 PM
Phenomenal discussion! I'm not in any hurry to become a bull being led around by a nose ring. The danger that all this cheap IT poses to individual liberty appears not to be small. I hope individuals can control it, but that does seem at all apparent. Eternal vigilance, indeed, is the price of liberty. I'll wager that it'll help to be a little (or maybe a lot) over-the-top in defending it, too.