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John Perkins: How to Remake the Global Economy

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nkmarks Avatar
Posted: 08.03.10, 02:01 PM
I find extremely interesting that today someone like John Perkins says openly that two Central America country leaders were assassinated by CIA sponsored jackals and that's about that ... nobody cares ... and nothing really happens ... It's just amazing how indifferent we are and how powerless we feel !...
nkmarks Avatar
Posted: 08.01.10, 02:00 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by tomj54 It is an abomination that things like this guy spend their career destroying third world countries, and now that he has perfected and passed along that peculiar skill, he expects people to now buy his book to learn how his techniques will be used against them. ... Quote: Originally Posted by farber2 well there is this one guy who is at least admitting to it, name one other. Quote: Originally Posted by tomj54 Perkins should name them. @tomj54 It would be beneficial if you knew what you're talking about .... what you say it doesn't make any sense ...
Wolfrich Avatar
Posted: 05.08.10, 03:31 AM
There is a very strong reason why capitlism can't be the society solution for the world (including everything and everyone there is). In capitalism (the name tells ist), priority no. 1 is capital. Not lives, ressources, science etc. All that counts are figures in budgets. If this isn't enough for you to doubt that capitalism is failing to honor the more important things in our existence, then what could be enough? In a closed, finite system, there is no place for capitalism. Capitalism is no more than the re-invention of the jungle-law without jungle. You wonder why there is the word predator-capitalism? Me not.
kreaturen Avatar
Posted: 04.06.10, 03:27 AM
I think that his regrets are genuine, and I'm grateful that he have brought this dishonest practice into the open. Because many have suspected, but haven't had first hand experience. If what he says is true, then it's sick and worrying! It's very important that it gets exposed, because it all just relies on secrecy. And what a perfect secret it is! I think the latest setback in global economics is a blessing, because it has awakened the otherwise sedated public to question the liability of the system. But that there is some sort of willfully dishonest and secret hand, calling the shots in even the most powerful democratic enteties like the US and EU, has yet to sink in I guess. It's so hard to believe, yet at the same time it's not...
Nicolas Oliva Avatar
Nicolas Oliva
Posted: 02.25.10, 04:27 PM
I'm amazed if he sold more than 3000 books.
CommonLink Avatar
Posted: 02.23.10, 05:18 PM
He is so right. What we are experiencing in this country in particular IS a sort of predatory capitalism. We haven't practiced free-market economics for some time.
Posted: 01.28.10, 06:44 AM
Well....i dont really know why on earth, perkins would still wants to create a better world. I guess after reading all these comments on this page, he would soon found out that it is useless of such an effort. You all are serious damaged from tv culture. The point here is not to judge the morality of the person in this interview, but to do some research to his claims and info. Well if you live in ΅wonderland΅ and everything in your life is great, maybe what you hear from perkins wont make any sense to you. Living in a country that was a victum of a hitman and many int. me plenty of explanations about everything thats wrong in this country..... And some 40 other of them.....try to educate your will help us all .
tapsearcher Avatar
Posted: 01.13.10, 05:31 PM
View Ray Tapajna's most popular topical artwork which is part of Art that Talks series at It is now part of more than 3 million search results and references on Yahoo and Google under its title. Search under Clinton Years American Dream Reversed The artwork represents a time during the most massive dislocation of workers in U.S. history with the Clinton years being the eye of our economic storms (crisis). For Ray's advocacy sites - search under which now has more than 180,000 references on Google
tapsearcher Avatar
Posted: 01.13.10, 03:21 PM
John Perkin Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is a must read. No matter what you think about the author or his presentation, the core of the story applys to real happenings in our time during the biggest scam of the century- Free Trade. I started by advocacy for human dignity in the work day and fair trade in 1992 when I picked up a high tech publication telling how the U.S. Federal Government sponsored the moving of U.S. factories outside of the USA in 1956. It was suppose to be a temporary program to test ways to help out the Mexican and Central American economies while providing the American consumers with cheaper goods. The program never ended and evolved into the maquiladora factory programs using impoverished workers to make consumer goods for the USA. Then it evolved into so called free trade which is not really trade at all. By 1992, more than 2,000 factories were moved to Mexico alone. After President Clinton pushed the passing of NAFTA, the number quickly doubled to more than 4,000 factories moved to Mexico. During this time, President Clinton had to rush 20 billion dollars to Mexico and funneled even more to them through international banks to save the peso that was affecting the value of the money products everywhere. The globalization of money products also came in 1956 after the Suez Canal crisis exposed a terrible money problem flowing from England. From this point on, new funny money products came with all sorts of creativity ignited in a new global monopoloy game. The globalist free traders thought they found a way for a self perpetual supply of money values through the moving of production from place to place for the sake of the cheapest labor possible. Ray Tapajna Chronicles forecasted our global economic crisis years ago based on many experts in the field including a wonderful journalist in Cliff Barney who wrote for UPSIDE MAGAZINE - UPSIDE featured new high tech venture investing but was unique in presenting the critical side of the global economy. Cliff Barney wrote about an outstanding interview he had with Manuel Castells who wrote several books about globalization and free trade predicting the coming of the "Bewildered New World" we have today. Other experts included Sir James Goldsmith who wrote The Trap predicting similar outcomes. Goldsmith was a corporate raider who was very successful in his craft but had a "economic conversion experience" and became a populist leader in both England and France. There are more who warned the world like Chuck Harder who hosted the For the People radio program worldwide and who most likely would support John Perkins in all his efforts to re-establishing the common good that has been factured by so called free trade. If you want more to read about all this - see and more at See also the dark side of energy saving at
JulianS Avatar
Posted: 12.27.09, 01:49 AM
I'm glad people like John are coming forward. I don't like it when people refuse to listen and just carry on supporting the same old system of looting and plundering.

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