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The Recession, Obama & the Future: Where to Go from Here?

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Previous FORAtv comments:
Pess Avatar
Posted: 01.02.10, 08:28 PM
young glasses guy is a professional bullshit artist.
Pess Avatar
Posted: 01.02.10, 08:25 PM
clowns only got going after the china question.
Pess Avatar
Posted: 01.02.10, 08:05 PM
these twats missed the point. the problem is the money system itself.
phiscal Avatar
Posted: 12.05.09, 05:48 PM
Excellent panel discussion! Broad perspective, seasoned and realistic viewpoints, all of them, in my opinion. I personally agree w Mr Samuelson that this recession has been in the making for 25 years, and that prosperity necessarily carries the seeds of its own (temporary) destruction. The notion that recessions are necessary and useful also rings true, as only then are old, entrenched and moribund methods of doing things subjected to enough stress to force them to be discontinued. This panel offers the best understanding of the current recession that I've found.
nikonwilly Avatar
Posted: 12.03.09, 05:51 PM
man oh man, Is anyone else getting bummed out big time from the amount of Commercials the Internet has now started running ? Seems like it's getting worse than that disgusting thing called TV! Anyway, Yes I believe this is a false economy without a chance for this Country to ever again become a powerhouse on the world stage. Manufacturing jobs were the back bone of this Country for the average citizen,now that this is gone what will they do for a livelihood . The so called American dream is dead.
Haardt Avatar
Posted: 12.02.09, 10:23 PM
Trevar Avatar
Posted: 12.02.09, 09:56 AM
Sorry about that all. Re-uploaded the Flash video, and that seemed to fix the audio issue.
flash dave Avatar
flash dave
Posted: 12.02.09, 05:26 AM
yea audio out
Haardt Avatar
Posted: 12.02.09, 04:38 AM
Highlights audio works but not for the full program.
Mattyqwerty Avatar
Posted: 12.02.09, 03:14 AM
No sound

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