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Does Darwin Illuminate Emotion & Spirituality?

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Wonderfest 2009

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velja27 Avatar
Posted: 09.04.11, 03:35 PM
@wsoutherland Who is this us you keep talking about? It seems like a perspective from one developed country which is only a small part compared to the whole world. Resources on this one planet we currently live on are limited and not one single country can have the monopoly or bigger percentage than needed for the population's well being. Second we are one species that should be united because only united can we tackle the problems that will eventually arise. @Sarah999 Genes themselves do not guarantee that person will be selfish, charitable or any other kind of characteristic that we could label good or bad. It is the environment that causes certain genes to activate. And since main part of our environment is created by our social currents thus the society as a whole in a general way puts a frame in which a person will most likely develop. For example in capitalistic society we see what kind of people succeed, and I personally don't like it as it is centered on acquiring materialism. Thus I believe, nay I know, that we as a world society not divided by boundaries, language and cultural barriers or worse color of the skin but united with a common goal, a clear idea for the future, development and exploration of the universe within and universe outside could create a society that would promote kindness, respect, and love of our fellow human beings. PS. Yes it sounds like NWO but they are blinding you with those ideas while setting up a system of total control
GmoUnit Avatar
Posted: 08.30.10, 12:18 PM
Is fora tv broken all the videos just stay at loading and dont start
Sarah999 Avatar
Posted: 12.24.09, 04:39 PM
IMHO compassion is inherited and it is NOT true that familial compassion is a given. With more and more people in the US especially being successfully narcissistic, selfish, manipulative & charming enough to procreate, and full of hate and anger for anyone that gets in their way (including family) . . we are creating an ever greater population of people that are that way also. It succeeds in our culture to be that way! Narcissism, psychopathy, sociopathy etc. works . . Look around! and as long as it succeeds . . we will generate more and more people like that . . and that is what is happening . . regrettably.
wsoutherland Avatar
Posted: 11.30.09, 05:24 AM
The reason we don't have global compassion is because we struggle to control resources. As our populations rise it is inevitable that resource become strained. If it were not for human conflicts, we would not have technology. That said, we are in a unique place in history where, thanks to technology, most essential resources are plentiful. We share our technology with the rest of the world at some risk that it will be used against us one day with the hope that it will engender good will and help us solve more pressing problems. It makes sense that nature would statistically limit overly heroic or globally altruistic emotions.