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Rethinking Privacy in an Age of Disclosure and Sharing

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Jann Avatar
Posted: 03.01.10, 08:52 AM
The argument that they collect user data to provide more user targeted services is poor excuse. I´ve worked in the market research business. We did market research the traditional way, this means by inviting and interviewing a voluntary target group. After data-evaluation the sponsor almost always said:"we don´t have the time and budget to make this kind of changes to the product. We rather use marketing to "align" the consumers needs toward the product - it is more economic!".
jb95959 Avatar
Posted: 02.12.10, 09:46 AM
It was interesting watching this very good debate on privacy and the public vs. private spaces and to have the camera roving around the audience, focusing on faces of folks not engaged in the Q&A. Another issue might be in camera-etiquette at public events... yes it's public, but what purpose does focusing on participants serve ... and who? The public, the conference, the camera person, the police, etc.?