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A Day in the Life of Your Brain: Judith Horstman

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regan4000 Avatar
Posted: 10.08.10, 04:56 AM
I have ADHD/ADD. I was always dismissed as just a rambunctious child who didn't want to learn and with the exception of the 2 week trial period of Ritalin, I was never medicated from the time I was born until I was 25, when, after buying Adderall in university off of friends, and realizing that I did tremendously well on tests and assignments, I decided to get a prescription myself. Adderall has changed my life. It's a stimulant. Before, I was never stimulated, and schoolwork certainly was not going to accomplish that. It's so obvious now, looking back, that had I had the amphetamines surging through my body, my brain would have been stimulated and I could have focused on the schoolwork as opposed to constantly fiddling with things to find that stimulation. It's the same thing with people. Before I never knew when to shut up because I always wanted the stimulation of social interaction. Now, I'm one of the most stoic (in a good way), attentive, rational and logical people I know, and I attribute a lot of that to the medication as well as the observations I've been able to make while taking the medication.
Posted: 11.23.09, 10:40 AM
Judith Horstman is so suave and a fantastic communicater. Very witty. Some of the audience were asking psychiatric qustions to a journlist!! Intend ot buy the book.