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CIA Director Leon Panetta

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thefarb Avatar
Posted: 07.04.11, 09:48 PM
If spending a trillion dollars fighting the poorest nation on earth is in out interest, then I guess. Still don't know why we are there.
Nicolas Oliva Avatar
Nicolas Oliva
Posted: 03.11.10, 10:01 AM
Did the United States of America become a pacifist country or are the above comments a miss-underestimation of the U.S.A.'s will to defend its interest ?
wsoutherland Avatar
Posted: 12.11.09, 02:48 PM
ur doin it wrong Avatar
Posted: 11.12.09, 01:21 PM
Geez, dude, take your meds.
Dana R DFD Avatar
Dana R DFD
Posted: 11.11.09, 02:00 AM
Who writes these screenplays for this diaphanous nefarious thing talking , saturday night live is my guess , CIA panacea is to shoot up every country till the entire world becomes emollient , good luck on that one , if you had a country invade and destroy every infrastructure beyond repair ,you would not have forbearance , not at all , you would be labyrinthine with rage and strapping a gun on to defend your sempiternal DU contaminated little piece of earth , this is so ineffably disturbing to hear him "oink" , "meow" & "roar" his patriotic verbal diarrhea , i think i,ll head to the bar and drown myself , maybe serendipity will save me from the nightmare sure to follow after digesting this .
Karuna Avatar
Posted: 11.05.09, 07:03 PM
I'd like to see this scum bag address the mass graves in Afghanistan where Karzai's regime put people in canisters and Karzai legalizing rape. "The Bravest woman in Afghanistan" Malalai Joya: Joya: Joya on Democracy Now: How do you make the world more peaceful? Obama: More militarism. "the greatest purveyor of violence today -- my own government." -Reverend and Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.