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A Conversation with Google's Sergey Brin

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mydigitalfamilydot org Avatar
mydigitalfamilydot org
Posted: 12.16.09, 06:54 AM
Kids, parents, and technology - a new space
Google is pushing the envelope brilliantly with every development, and is bringing amazing ideas and apps to the public. As a doctor who is exploring the space created by the intersection of technology, neuroscience, child development, and family life, I would love to see Google join me and meld its superb resources and innovativeness with pro-social projects that support child development and family life in a systematic and comprehensive way. KIDS, PARENTS, AND TECHNOLOGY: AN INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR YOUNG FAMILIES
fredgleeck Avatar
Posted: 12.07.09, 01:56 PM
Gobbletygook, If you are not happy with Fora, then LEAVE. You are NOT an indispensable piece of this equation.
foobaz Avatar
Posted: 12.03.09, 09:58 AM
I'm writing this here because your highly irritating "recaptcha" implementation is totally dysfunctional. It does not work at all even when I enable javascript in FireFox. Just for the record, many sites have a non-javascript implementation of this for security reasons and REQUIRE me to turn javascript off so I leave it off. It is already annoying that I have to turn it on just for this site but when it doesn't even work after that it is just unacceptable. Now to the message I was trying to send. Whenever I go to the webpage of an article I want to listen to, I am immediately assaulted with an obnoxious ad at MAXIMUM VOLUME. That is beyond obtrusive. It is absolutely offensive. To make things worse, there is no volume control available in your lousy flash player so I have to mute the volume completely on my computer to avoid ear damage. I keep the volume level fairly high so I can get good signal-to-noise ratio through my FM transmitter to my receiver and then control then volume of audio apps, however, this is not possible with a browser as far as I know. Do you really think anyone is going to listen to the ad under such circumstances let alone patronize the sponsor? I understand why you need to have ads on your free site but there is an obtrusive way and an unobtrusive way to do that. Just see how Google does it the UNobtrusive way as a case in point. I like the service you are providing but not the way you are providing it. Providing download links to subscribers is also a good feature but they shouldn't be forced to listen to the ad at full volume.