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A Conversation with Brooke Burke and Mark Cuban

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Previous FORAtv comments:
WPPStv Avatar
Posted: 07.02.10, 01:40 PM
I enjoyed this!
Posted: 11.23.09, 07:26 PM
Why was Brooke there???
Antiks Avatar
Posted: 11.08.09, 02:50 AM
My wife and I have Dish Network, and it's not the least-costing plan either. There are already commercials on just about every TV program on there, and there are channels that I don't want or need. At about 12:00 - 1:00 AM, most network switch to infomercials. Dish and cable are a rip off because you are paying to be advertised to!
themodefanatic Avatar
Posted: 11.07.09, 06:40 PM
Well since the way networks make their money is off of advertising money. Product prices have included in them a small raise to cover the money they spend on advertising. So in effect all product prices should come down. In that rational even though I don't watch alot of network television. I still pay for it from Directv and through paying for products at the store I should still have access to the programming all the networks offer, Correct? Hows are they going to make sure that I can access all the content regardless where I watch it(tv, directv, web, hulu, apple tv.) This is where all networks (COMPANIES) get it wrong. Companies don't tell me what to buy, I tell them what I want to buy. If they don't get it then they deserve to FAIL. I acknowledge that they have to protect their product but at the same time I am not going to double, triple, quadruple pay for something that I have already paid for ONCE.
Robbie_Fora Avatar
Posted: 11.07.09, 02:35 PM
By the way I stopped for cable television. I watch video exclusively on the internet, and for now I might be in the minority but I'm far from alone.
Robbie_Fora Avatar
Posted: 11.07.09, 02:34 PM
I've been paying for cable and internet for years and now you're telling me i have to pay for content on top of that. Television has made it with advertising for decades and you're telling me that now it's not enough. Greed will strip away everything i love about the internet.
Daubry Avatar
Posted: 11.04.09, 07:06 AM
I definitely agree with Mark. In an environment that is saturated with blogs, podcasts, websites and the like authenticity reigns supreme and content is king. To be identified it is critical that you are honest and authentic in how you provide/share information.
Ryan Todd Avatar
Ryan Todd
Posted: 11.02.09, 08:26 PM
This would certainly end the era of tv, the internet can do it better, on-demand services on the internet, with hulu-style lengthed advertismetns will surley prevail evntually. As it has been stated above, advertisements pay for tv... and the cable bill is for the service.. When you do pay for a channel, the ads are not there... the comercials make the cable bussiness a big profit business, there would be no ESPN, NFL on TV, News or the rest if there were not comercials, the programming is good to attract the Advertisers, the TV's are HDTV so people would want to watch more Shows so there would be more Ad's TV is possibley the best current example of the free market working to make things better... and the internet is getting better at it everyday
Astrozombie Avatar
Posted: 11.02.09, 06:19 PM
So let me get this straight, Mark Cuban says that the News and Media should be a ppv or monthly paid service? So what happens to the poor or the people who barely even scrape by with cable T.V.? In a nation with an ever-growing distance between the lower and upper classes, soon enough the general public will not be able to afford even cable, let alone a PPV News cooperation's bias on the way it's viewers see the world. So Mr. Cuban, keep advocating for the rich, and shove your aristocratic ideals where the sun doesn't shine.
DAJ Avatar
Posted: 11.02.09, 05:43 PM
Mark Cuban... its called Advertisers. And don't forget cable/satellite TV! Who in their right mind is going to pay even more for an already poor-n-boring selection of entertainment?