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Gay Marriage: A Debate

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Sioraf as Na Cillini Avatar
Sioraf as Na Cillini
Posted: 06.10.11, 06:21 PM
Not the most conservative of commenters are you lot?
WalterPC Avatar
Posted: 04.27.11, 01:11 AM
I'm surprised that no one asked Maggie the obvious question. She kept saying that children do best when they are raised by their own father and mother. Well ... yeah, I'm sure everyone agrees with that; but what does it have to do with the subject of the debate? What is the scenario Maggie has in mind? Does she think that if same-sex marriage is legalized gays will sneak into the homes of heterosexuals and steal their children? Those same-sex couples who chose to have children will ADOPT them. Those children would have been put up for adoption regardless of whether there is same-sex marriage or not--so what exactly is her point?
campalbion Avatar
Posted: 02.11.11, 11:38 AM
Thank you! Her argument is very simple and transparent.
MattG83 Avatar
Posted: 12.06.10, 01:29 AM
The gay marriage issue is a complete false paradigm. We shouldn't be looking whether we agree with gay marriage or otherwise, the issue is whether government should be involved in marriage period. People should be able to contract with whom they like and have it blessed by religion if they like. Government Free Marriage now.
MattG83 Avatar
Posted: 12.06.10, 01:27 AM
The gay marriage issue is a complete false paradigm. We shouldn't be looking whether we agree with gay marriage or otherwise, the issue is whether government should be involved in marriage period. Government Free Marriage now
RobnWV66 Avatar
Posted: 05.19.10, 10:31 PM
Maggie, is a moron. I wouldn't read one of her books, if it is as boring as she was on this. Seems to me, she is trying to play "Victim" so I ask her this, How many STR* women/men give up there children? Who is adopting them? it's the gay people, (gay families). I would like to research Maggie, and I would probably find that she is a boring person, trying to keep other people from being Happy. Prop 8 is CALI, is stupid. And this whole Program, is boring, it doesn't answer real questions about Gay life, and the reason's, people should stick to who they are, worry about what is going on in their families, and stop worrying about Gay people being together, enjoying life together, STR8 people have over a 50% divorce rate. This Maggie, person is ignorant. Thanks Rob
Ras Avatar
Posted: 03.21.10, 09:50 PM
The group that wants to prevent gays from getting married has the burden of proof in establishing why this should be so. What always puzzles me is why do they care so badly what other people are doing. These busy-bodies seem like meddling neighbors always looking to get in everyone else's business to fulfill their empty angry lives.
mta Avatar
Posted: 01.25.10, 01:34 PM
If the two panelists opposing same-sex marriage are making the best arguments their side has to offer then this "debate" is not worthy of the National Constitution Center's attention. It's pure tautology and the idea being repeated as proving itself is itself a lie. Tedious (and snarky, in the case of Ms. Gallagher) nonsense!
LOGOS Avatar
Posted: 01.14.10, 12:49 PM
One Star rating. This "debate" is totally biased and the moderator is essentially furniture. Teleology is constantly invoked as an argument and only weakly addressed one time. Teleology: Marriage is "for" kids. No it's not. That is a laughably weak argument, has been refuted...let's move on without invoking yet again the refuted weak argument. The theocrats are allowed to repeatedly blowhard endlessly and the black fellow isn't allowed to have his say at all. (And no, I'm not gay, not liberal and nor am I black). This "debate" was truly pathetic IMO, largely because it was so poorly/weakly moderated. LOGOS
ldfrmc Avatar
Posted: 01.12.10, 09:44 PM
Ms Gallagher and Mr Stanton, again and again, responded to the moderator's questions with" "marriage has always been the union of a man and a woman." Circular and illogical, if not down right pathetic. No serious discussion of divorce and it's impact on the institution of marriage and children. Gay can't be blamed for divorce, or illegitimacy. When that failed, they both ended on a note of fear, as Mr Boykin observed. They want to now play the role of a helpless, hopeless and powerless, persecuted minority because of their religious beliefs. This destroyed any credibility they had left. Mr Stanton's worse fear is that people will stop having children - married or not! He's out of touch with reality. Churches thrive on growing, young, populations that are poorly educated and socially disadvantaged. The antithesis of lawful (Constitutional) stable developed societies.

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