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Antony Beevor Reads D-Day: The Battle for Normandy

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Ponting Avatar
Posted: 01.31.11, 01:09 AM
Nice video. The Battle Of Normandy was fought in the following phases, Operation overlord, The Invasion of Normandy or operation Neptune, Normandy Landings and Operation Cobre. The Military Intelligence was an important part of the Normandy invasion. It was the most intense fighting on the Western Front during World War II.
Neilthefish Avatar
Posted: 11.20.09, 03:14 AM
Excellent Talk by Antony Beevor, I found the details about the French civilian casualties very interesting. a little known fact that. Also the fact that the allies were were not warmly welcomed by the civilian's. another very common misconception debunked! Very good talk by Mr Beevor but as usual one can never hear the questions by the public at the end. But on the whole excellent talk, Well done !!

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