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FBI in the Virtual World: Robert S. Mueller III

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nightlight Avatar
Posted: 10.16.09, 09:48 PM
Mr Mueller could not be more truthful in his warnings about cyber attacks on our home computers and the possible attacks of our utility, national defense, industry and banking grids. Many of out power grids are controlled by internet or smart controller as well as our water facilities and even our electronic highway signs that could be hacked into for what ever purpose the hackers might have in mind, be they international terrorist group, religious group or just a group that are doing it as a challenge. If you have any doubt as to the vulnerability of your computer just run a free virus scan, which there are on the net in abundance. No doubt you will get over a hundred trackers, Trojan Horses and such. Most of these are not harmful to your computer but the point is that if the web sites you visit can place these in your computer then so can those with other intents. I sometime help others install their computer systems or fix their computer problems and I am often surprised to found that they have not installed firewalls or anti-virus protection, in which one can find pretty good free ones on the net. Of course if you really want to get a good example of how viruses can effect your system just spend a evening surfing some porn sites, I don't recommend it. The latest sites that have misleading invites and quarries for information are the job sites, since the recession has drawn more people to them. Many of them want your name, cell and land line phone number, your friends names, cell and land line phone numbers and their addresses. It's easy to see how one could be duped into giving this information. of course you'll be getting spam from all sorts of online universities. He is also correct in his account of fake messages from what seems like correspondence from legitimate business but are in fact phishing tactics. In short the net is a lawless area in which all can be vulnerable and especially new people and for god sake supervise your mother when you set her up with a computer, she has no idea what she is getting into.