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Anne Frank: The Book, the Life, the Afterlife

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ivie Avatar
Posted: 09.16.14, 06:09 AM
this is not what i wanted
paddywhack Avatar
Posted: 03.10.10, 04:38 PM
As a screenwriter I know how much a story changes to suit the medium it is geared to exploit. The fact that it was translated and reworked leads me to believe that the sophistication of the writing is not of her doing. All young girls keep dairies and fill them them up with insignificant drivel along the lines of what you might find on the average Facebook member pages. I have no doubt when the first publishers saw the manuscript and commented on the domestic nature of the content it prompted the rewriting in such a way as to completely negate the original pages from her actual dairy. I have written biography's and believe me we have to make up at least 50% of the content to pad out a book unless the subject had amazing recall and an exceptionally interesting life. The fact is we can't remember what we said and did last week, forget a lifetime. I very much doubt that the dairy is as authentic as we are led to believe. A 14 year old is not that erudite or capable of the kind of descriptive prose present in the book and the fact that is was overwritten and rewritten must be a clue to that reality. It has become just another part of Zionist propaganda machine designed to propagate Jewish guilt fostered on the population of the world..
silviBB Avatar
Posted: 10.17.09, 02:55 AM
hello,I have read a little about anne frank in a book I have,and liked what she did.I would like to add things like what happened at her times are a thing of the past,I would like to show my love to the gypsies who also I read went through some similar experiences.I have read very little about the gypsies or the romanies and I think they are a very good group of people.I wish Anne frank's and the gypsies story are never forgotten,though I havent read anything like Anne frank for the Gypsies.Thank you,SilviBB
Imran Zali Avatar
Imran Zali
Posted: 10.15.09, 08:57 AM
what would Anne Frank think of the Carnage in Gaza by the IDF ?