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Should All Drug Use Be Made Legal?

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already in use Avatar
already in use
Posted: 07.26.11, 05:46 PM
the current PROHIBITION of CANNABIS as just a plant must be repealed ,, treat it like TOMATOES.. HUMANS have had their HUMAN rights to use , grow & posses this natural plant , TAKEN AWAY by authorities who have MORAL & RACIST ISSUES on their agenda. AMERICA is in the hands of greedy powerful prison building & drug pharma groups with NO GOOD intentions. PROHIBITION is an extremely pervasive EVIL that continues to do much DAMAGE around the WHOLE WORLD. however , many countries have seen the light & are reforming this reppressive stance on their own citizens. COMPASSION & CARE ,,, when did you last hear these words in a prohibitionist argument ? consider the "TOMATO MODEL" we should be free to grow & use as we please. GO the "TOMATO MODEL" or try to prohibit tomatoes, that's how how obscene & ridiculous this drug law really is. EDUCATE NOT INCARCERATE.
ajstavely711 Avatar
Posted: 03.29.10, 06:57 AM
Marcross...Thank you for leaving a grounded and reasonable comment! Unlike the "Conspiracy Theory" laced comments by the others your comment is grounded in reality. The only way to get at the problem is approaching it from a rational point of view. The Alex Jones crowd likes to blame everything real & make believe on certain boogeymen. This approach causes rational people to turn away.
Marcosss Avatar
Posted: 12.30.09, 01:06 PM
I think we have it pretty good in the west Dana, I hear what your saying & the bully boys that run corporations do have a lot to answer for, but like Austin said, spend just a few weeks in India or Africa & it puts a whole new perspective on how good we actually have it. The drugs debate isn't about the end user, although the end user is in most cases the victim of a wrought from all sides, its about the outrageous profits made by the drug cartels, government agencies & private prison operators. If you legalize drugs you risk putting all those government employees out of work & were talking thousands of them, the private prison operator risk losing hundreds of millions in easy money & of course the drug cartels lose their fat profits. You'll find the biggest donations to anti drug politicians come from the drug cartels & the religious right, both should be seen as the most dangerous & evil forces in western politics today.
Dana R DFD Avatar
Dana R DFD
Posted: 11.11.09, 12:51 AM
jean_paul , sorry for the rant , thanks for the love - best wishes to you and your loved ones
212Austin212 Avatar
Posted: 11.10.09, 08:03 AM
If you think that life is so boring and mindless today for the average Western person please read a history book or travel to a country that is not as rich as a Western country. Also, you might want to and one more adjective : hard.
jean paul Avatar
jean paul
Posted: 11.10.09, 03:53 AM
@Dana - i think i'm in love
Dana R DFD Avatar
Dana R DFD
Posted: 11.10.09, 02:01 AM
you want to win the war on drugs go after the people who made life so boring and mindless that you want to inject toxins into your body to get away from it ,the people who made you happy to work 10 hrs a day 5 days a week to enjoy 2 , the people who raised taxes so much the dollar is worth 4 cents compared to 1913 , the people who profited off human misery . aka the Rothschild , Rockefeller , the Bilderberg group , they have destroyed everything good , the people who produce depleted uranium munitions , the people who send poor family's kids to fight war for profitable military industrial machine , the world is polluted because we allowed corporations to have human rights , the lobby groups who manipulate everything for a agenda that serves no purpose only to destroy life's dreams of being able to raise a family with out Baxter international injecting them with cowardly toxins . there is no end to the list now .

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