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The Future of Social Media with Gerd Leonhard

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PICNIC Festival 2009

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haroldcabezas Avatar
Posted: 12.29.09, 08:26 PM
Thank you, Gerd; thank you,! One of the best presentations on this site-and that says quite a bit, with all the great content here.....
mydigitalfamilydot org Avatar
mydigitalfamilydot org
Posted: 12.23.09, 06:13 AM
We must take charge of how media affect our lives rather than merely reacting to the wonderful innovations that come to market and emrace the benefits they bring. This is especially true in raising children and teaching them to live in a technology-rich world (see KIDS, PARENTS, AND TECHNOLOGY: AN INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR YOUNG FAMILIES, published by LULU).
Discardead Avatar
Posted: 12.22.09, 11:58 AM
This presentation is amazing! It's like Mr. Leonhard is reading my mind. He's totally right about privacy!

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