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Mobile Phones: The Next 4 Billion with Tomi Ahonen

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PICNIC Festival 2009

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BoobusAmericanis Avatar
Posted: 12.23.10, 11:08 AM
@Greg I couldn't agree with you more. The mental image you presented backstage almost made me lol, too. Quote: My name is tomi, you know me from my books. Actually, no... I don't. It's pretty hard to take a talk seriously when the speaker is blatantly more interested in himself than the topic he's speaking about. Is it really not enough to see video footage of him? Do we really need to see pictures of the little money-hungry narcissist on his bike ( 14:45 ) too?
bhardwajja Avatar
Posted: 01.31.10, 12:29 PM
I love his presentations and its really true. future is mobile. i would see 3rd world as dumping ground for 1st and 2nd world tech gadgets.
Greg Pugh Avatar
Greg Pugh
Posted: 01.30.10, 12:28 AM
If Tomi reads the comments on his video, which I bet he does, then I'd advise him to not tell jokes or dance during his talks. He seems quite obviously to be a self-promoter. Was he wearing a big hat when he walked on the stage? What kind of mindset would you have to have to be standing backstage, awkwardly making eye-contact with the stagehands, waiting for your introduction to be over so you can walk on the stage with a big hat on, hoping for some kind of reaction from your audience?
ngc2024 Avatar
Posted: 01.13.10, 12:13 AM
People who let their sleep be interrupted by SMS... I would call that an psychological disorder like an addiction. Mobiles will become fully functional internet devices - thats for sure. And badly designed services form the stoneage like MMS will disapear. On the other side SMS has a potential for communication like IM because you can think before your answer. But: When you and your firends have an internet flat on the mobile who would pay for sms anymore?
Associated Avatar
Posted: 01.06.10, 10:12 PM
the phone cycle factor will become a real problem in the green world as e waste is still a under funded process.
11889music Avatar
Posted: 01.06.10, 03:37 PM
I really doubt that mobile media will take over internet media in a way that is comparable to the way that television took over radio.

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