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Money, Values, and Structural Solutions to Today’s Crisis

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PICNIC Festival 2009

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optivite Avatar
Posted: 10.06.10, 06:10 PM
He's a traveling salesman, trying to sell his wares (dual currency).
Brian McConnell Avatar
Brian McConnell
Posted: 07.12.10, 11:37 AM
Supporting Lietaer's Presentation
I don't know whether it'll be of help or not, but I'd invite you to visit my blog site at ' the integral economist '. I've endeavored to present a comprehensive overview of Bernard Lietaer's work with links to supporting papers and a video on comparable subject matter from TEDxBerlin in November of 2009.
Alcatar Avatar
Posted: 02.12.10, 09:04 AM
So much that this guy says isn't correct. Alot just wouldn't work, one or two aren't feasable yet (but I accept the concept, yes), and some stuff is just rubbish. Am I missing a whole lot or does this guy talk quite alot of garbage?

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