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Free-Conomics with Chris Anderson

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Commonwealth Club of California

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Pies Avatar
Posted: 06.14.10, 05:01 AM
I don't agree that old media had well separated consumer and advertiser interests. An obvious example is the volume of TV ads -- on many TV channels ads are much louder than content, and I fail to see how could that be in any way good for the viewers. Another example is the very thing Chris talked about in the story about a Google guy, who was surprised that Chris was trying to hide commercial ties between the magazine and advertisers by moving ads away from articles about related products.
bvv Avatar
Posted: 10.07.09, 03:37 PM
I love this talk by Chris Anderson
Trevar Avatar
Posted: 10.01.09, 10:08 AM
@Invictus_88 You can still save full programs, chapters or highlights to your saved programs (library) by clicking "Add to Profile," which is to the right of each entry. Hope this helps.
Invictus_88 Avatar
Posted: 10.01.09, 06:34 AM
I love this talk. Why won't let us 'favourite' talks anymore?

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