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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Unscripted

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Mitchell01 Avatar
Posted: 10.14.09, 10:52 PM
this is lame! these two guys are a setup in a puppet show! I'm very disappointed! Centeral Inteliegence Agency? That explains it all! please, just zip it and just go away on one of your sailing missions! PLEASE!!!
Groovus Avatar
Posted: 10.11.09, 04:49 PM
Has Zander no shame? The Razr was conceived and developed before he got to Motorola. The “Hello Moto” campaign was already being scoped out. And, more importantly, under Zander the company’s product development stalled – no new meaningful products. In retrospect, Zander accelerated Motorola’s spiral into irrelevance! Call it what you want, it looks to me like Zander was fired; something that should have occurred a couple of years before he left as a very rich man. FYI, I am not a Motorola employee and never have been. My only gripe is that Motorola’s Board of Directors has selected a string of turkeys and this once great company has suffered for their many many mistakes!
stephenrblv Avatar
Posted: 10.09.09, 02:14 PM
Does Larry Ellison ever go to work anymore? Obviously he is a little behind the curve...