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The Evolving Field of Prostate Cancer

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pamwarren Avatar
Posted: 11.12.09, 01:36 PM
surprising and interesting My husband was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer 3 years ago. Here is the chronology. 1)PSA7.9 from 2.4 in one year with DRE, biopsy and gleason 8 2) robotic Prostatectomy in Detroit 3 months later with the comment by Dr Menon-the most advanced tumor he has ever removed and 1 lymph node positive. 3) Hormone therapy 3 months later with PSA at 7(cassodex, lupron and proscar) 1 year 4 )1 year break from treatment 5)Back on hormone therapy with PSA rising- doubling time 6 weeks and schedule combidex MRI in Amsterdam This brings us to the results from the Combidex MRI from Dr Barentz," No cancer visible in lymph nodes or bone." So what does this say. Is the hormone therapy in this particular case so effective that tumors are reduced to a size that enables detection? And what to do from here. His plan is to confer with his oncologist about the long term risks of continuing hormone therapy and delaying any other treatments until indication of cancer growth. Is PSA rising always indication of growth after prostatectomy and do we really know that to be fact?