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Filmmaker Michael Moore on Capitalism: A Love Story

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Kawamax Avatar
Posted: 10.16.09, 04:05 PM
Moore is the truth:
Just to add that I know people that talks about Michael Moore's works without even seeing any of his movies, they just talk what they have heard from another people or from another people's influence. And is very easy to find out, who is on favor and who is against: against are all those that have some sort of benefits from the actual system, period!
KidVector Avatar
Posted: 10.15.09, 05:35 PM
I'm constantly amazed by the amount of Moore bating that goes on by people who would I'd imagine broadly align themselves with his world view. This is just a general observation btw and not aimed at anyone in particular in this discussion.
TheDude Avatar
Posted: 10.15.09, 01:15 PM
I so tire of the Righ/left debate. I know they are both perspective, interests, beliefs -- but hardly any of them are anymore a philosophy of government. Many comments on here here reinforce a common generalization that the wealthy are on the "right" and the the "others" on the left. I think this video here on is a great view of how really "middle" the majority of the American people are and how each side just push for their following with giving them "their version" of answers. Bottom line there are plenty wealthy people that are both left and right and without a doubt both sides abuse their power to gain more power, imho. Cheers everyone!
t.bana Avatar
Posted: 10.11.09, 09:31 PM
The thing that makes some people really hate Michael is that he is very intelligent. He sees right through the wool that capitalist, or what can be called capitalist supremacists, try to cast over our peoples’ eyes. Even if people do not believe what Michael has predicted to be true, they still argue the point because they do not want to see through the wool. We are not as perfect as we think in America; capitalism is diminishing our power as that true world country that others should be emulating and not despairing about. I do get upset about the elusiveness of the American dream—does it really exist anymore--and how the rich only care about themselves. The rich do not really see that they are caught up in their deadly sins such as the gluttony for money, their ego (pride), greed, and vanity. Why have all that money anyways and not care about others that are not able to obtain a meal for themselves and their children for the day. Capitalism is kind of disgusting; it’s like a gluttonous person overstuffing themselves at the buffet table.
Michael A. Thompson Avatar
Michael A. Thompson
Posted: 10.11.09, 09:23 AM
His beginning statement about how the rich not only love money but want our money is truly an ignorant statement. Michael Moore himself is a VERY rich man so am I to presume that, sense he is rich, he to wants all our money as well? Ok the guy owns three lavish homes so he probably does want all our money but that doesn’t mean ALL, or even most, rich people covet everyone else's money! But then hypocrisy has hardly hurt his career so far, his statements here and "Sicko" are good examples, so my advice to him is stick with what seems to be working! =)
nightlight Avatar
Posted: 10.09.09, 07:51 PM
It is understandable that the right would critcize anyone that exposes what there run-amok, unbridled and unregulated capitolist policies have done to this country. While they criticize Michael Moor they say nothing of Rush Limbaugh, Gleen Beck and a multitued of right wing fascist propaagandist blow hards. No one but a right wing brain dead could possibly believe that corporations could and would regulate themselves. Anyone but a anti-american right winger can see that the capitolist control the government and everyone should know from experience capitolism knows no limits to greed. It is also understandable that the right would want less governemnt, after all don't criminals want smaller police forces. We have just gone throughan era of extream right wing policies that brought this country to a point of implosion just to satisify the capitolist greed, not to mention of getting our forces into a war based on false accusations and deception with the deals for the contracts for the war and post war construction were made behind closed doors and the prohibition of any investigation of the events that led to the invasion of another country or the investigation of the dispensing of the funds for that war but maybe this is what the real america is really all about, the taking of the money of the many to go to a few, they get the money and we get the body bags. However, I do somewaht disagree as to the degradation of our public schools, being that I am old enough to know how and why this all started. Again the right is at work here because of prayer and the teaching of evolution in schools, so the right started smear compaigns to destroy the public schools which is still going on to this day. Unlike Mr.Moor i am beginning to have some doubts as to the presidency of Barack Obama who seems to be yielding to the right at every opportunity to appease the right and letting them control the outcome of the healthcare debate. This started off as a effort for affordable health care for the citizens of this county which quickly devolved to affordable health care insurance which we all will have to participate in and though this may start as, not so bad thing, I believe it will evlove into something else when the right is back in power, heaven help us. I can only hope that he will see the folly in appeasing the right in the attempt to get them to spend our many on something for the citizens of this country and start kicking them around as the run-amok, unbridled, unregulated capitolist fascist supporters that they are and toss them aside. He should also instigate a full and complete investigation of the plots and schemes and prosacute those resposible and hold them accountable, wherever it may go.
josealonsoleon Avatar
Posted: 10.09.09, 03:22 PM
Have you traveled the globe much?....hummm most likely not!
earthborg Avatar
Posted: 10.07.09, 02:09 PM
He's naive. admitting to what we did in Iran is a bone throw. why can't he just admit what we are really doing now in iraq and afghanistan right now?
rockerboy Avatar
Posted: 10.03.09, 08:44 PM
Very interesting guy!
Fentro Avatar
Posted: 10.03.09, 07:53 AM
MTGRAY - Moore is a "hugh frog" from star wars.."that told the races to begin." I didn't know the frog's name was 'hugh'? I didn't know there was any frog at all. I thought you might be talking about the alien Jabba the Hut, who is the closest thing to a huge frog, which is what you meant to write. But he didn't tell the "races to begin" as a race in this context is a competition, and competitions don't have ears. You probably meant that he proclaimed the start of the race. You see, when someone blogs and makes a typo, it shows that they are not thinking enough to proof their work. If you can't make a logical point, your comment is irrelevant. So take notice, Dimwits! Post with intelligence, or don't post at all. We're gunning for ya! BTW, your thought on Moore looking like Jabba is pretty funny. You know who else looks like Jabba? Rush Douchebaugh.

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