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Filmmaker Michael Moore on Capitalism: A Love Story

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Commonwealth Club of California

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Previous FORAtv comments:
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 08.18.11, 02:16 PM
WAKE UP YOU FOOLS MICHEAL HAS BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG DO NOT KILL THE MESSENGER LISTEN TO MESSAGE 2010 CAPITALISM WARS 8OOO military kids killed them selves so wake up, corporate police military slavery is your future!
leroy1 Avatar
Posted: 04.13.11, 10:17 AM
He keeps referring to wealth as a fixed pie. Making the assumption that money is real wealth isn't this premise incorrect given that our monetary system is on a fractional reserve banking system that allows banks to create money out of thin air?
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 12.29.10, 06:32 PM
Thank You Common wealth club and foratv, Micheal a socially responsible person, we need many more than just one Moore!
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 09.18.10, 07:46 PM
Micheal Moore, thank you foratv and the Commonwealth Club, Micheal is a down to earth honest Man who has empathy for the working class. Micheal has the courage to stand up for all of us who sit and do nothing but complain, and ask for change. The vast majority feels powerless and at the mercy of Wall Street Govt hidden agendas. Micheal speaks for the speechless. When 1% owns all 99%, society is in a state of Coma. Hopefully More than Moore, will throw out the life saver and pull society out of this Coma of ignorance, like an Elephant in Quick sand, who will come to the rescue and Who will sabotage that effort. Micheal is threatened, Alex Jones is threatened, This 1% that owns ALL, will resort to extremes, to keep YOU-US from his 99%, 99 is not good enough, They want it all! Greed Power recognition, hoarding!
endlesslovekiss Avatar
Posted: 08.23.10, 04:18 AM
the American people (the majority) deserve to know the truth about how the select few in the USA want to have the people where they can be leeching off of them. Good for Micheal Moore God bless him & his true careing heart. As for the one's who want to keep the majority of the US people down & leech off them forever shame on you!! and for the mislead hope u can see that u can help by being for our country & take a stand w/our president & be w/the people for the people. God Bless
Hamdahammoud Avatar
Posted: 08.07.10, 08:30 PM
Mr Moor tells the naked truth whitch is hidden, compleetly bared bythe capitalists and their followers;they are the true vampires for the poor simple humens.Thank yu Mr Moor !
eatmywords Avatar
Posted: 06.07.10, 04:53 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by TheDude Ummmm, probably close to 99% are significantly worse than the USA. Not saying the States don't have room for improvement but such a statement begs the question, "Have you traveled the globe much?" A pig in shit knows not straw.
Nicolas Oliva Avatar
Nicolas Oliva
Posted: 04.09.10, 05:04 PM
I'd like to see Mr Moore as a ceo, or boss of a small shop, just for two years, and then hear him again about how selfish motivation is bad and how we could all just live in a carebear world "just like that". But he's right, destroying the middle class is pretty stupid.
minggnim Avatar
Posted: 02.25.10, 07:06 PM
I keep reading on how Moore doesn't offer solutions. News in the "old days" didn't offer solutions. It presented FACTS ! Today's "news" is simply commentaries. "Just the facts ma'am"
Robertooo Avatar
Posted: 02.23.10, 12:54 PM
Michael moore is american hero