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A Return to Healing: Len Saputo & Byron Belitsos

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4TimesAYear Avatar
Posted: 10.01.09, 03:49 PM
The purple pill was formerly known as Prilosec, which went generic and over the counter, so they developed Nexium by changing a molecule or two so they could make more money via prescriptions. It's like Claritin, which went generic and over the counter, so they changed a molecule or two and called it Clarinex to continue making money by prescriptions. Sick of big pharma's mind games and money making schemes.
whitebearpaws Avatar
Posted: 09.25.09, 07:06 AM
But it is a big deal!! Real food contains live cells. If we put it in our live body our live cells can utilize the live cells of the vegetables and fruits. This is a big deal. When I was in the hospital I asked for fresh juiced carrots and apples and such. I then was asked by the nutritionist in charge of the kitchen, what do I eat for real food!!! These nutritionists schools need to start over...

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