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T.R. Reid: The Healing of America

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Commonwealth Club of California

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Previous FORAtv comments: Avatar
Posted: 05.01.12, 01:29 PM
i will need to access this program next week. How do I do this and ensure my subscripion will work? THank you, Jacqueline Kreinik
sslyon Avatar
Posted: 03.21.10, 10:02 AM
This is a real eye opener and a great service to American citizens. I intend to link to this as often as possible. Reid effectively exposes the lies and distortion being propagated by corporatists through "hate media" and he provides a strong basis for support of revolutionary health reform in America. THANK YOU Commonwealth Club and ForaTV!!
Gerrie Avatar
Posted: 02.21.10, 09:25 PM
If a nation has the "authority to enforce" tax laws & loot the life time earnings of it's citizens in the name of "taxes", why wouldn't the same nation shoulder the responsibility to carry out the well being of it's citizens, when it's citizens need it the most? If the citizens have fulfilled their obligation to the nation, why would the nation FAIL to fulfill it's obligation for "life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness" of it's citizens? Why are citizens required to pay taxes, if the nation could careless for their 'health-care'? Capitalist market forces may manipulate a nation but why would a nation gamble on the well-being of it's citizens? It must be pointed out, a nation that can save it's citizens in dire medical needs, can NOT save itself in dire circumstances.
tegrat Avatar
Posted: 11.13.09, 04:06 PM
I missed where the word "free" was used. Perhaps your referring to some other program?
BookAddict Avatar
Posted: 11.05.09, 09:36 AM
chirpriya plays ignorant of the myriad collectives which allocate benefits for profit . The problem is to "figure out" how to defeat the entrenched interests who ban a collective which does not have profit as it's highest objective. Perhaps democracy and debt do not mix well, but does chiriprya favor debt? High fives, Losky.
Losky Avatar
Posted: 11.02.09, 06:38 PM
I take issue with chirpriya's comment. It is a slippery slope for the government to pay for services that serve the interests of the governed. Soon he will be asking for free police action and free firefighting. He may even demand a free military that may even trump the power of our local militias. I, for one, will not stand for these injustices. Any man who cannot afford to have a firefighter on retainer deserves to see his house burn to the ground. Any woman who cannot pay the investigator should be responsible for investigating and prosecuting of the murder of her daughter. Any family that does not purchase their own militia has no right to expect defense from their neighbors.
lisbartlett Avatar
lisbartlett +
Posted: 10.01.09, 11:06 AM
finally! something on health care that's understandable.
chirpriya Avatar
Posted: 09.26.09, 04:50 AM
It is the moral responsibility of society to provide free medical care, free housing, free food, free clothes, free pension to senior citizens and free education to all their citizens, As soon as we figure out who will pay for all this and who will be left to work when all of the above are free. Why should the moral obligation stop at the national border? It should also extend to our neighbors like Canadians and Mexicans and not so distant neighbors like the Hondurans and Nicaraguans.
d m nolan Avatar
d m nolan
Posted: 09.20.09, 05:47 PM
Perhaps Mr. Reid should have been the one to address both Houses of Congress on "health care reform."
tkhaner Avatar
Posted: 09.18.09, 05:41 PM
Some inaccuracies about Canada in this presentation. Non-Canadian non-residents in Alberta and I believe in other provinces must show ability to pay or evidence of insurance to obtain treatment. Ambulance services are not covered by provincial insurance plans - the patient recieves a bill for hundreds of dollars for this service unless it is covered under separate extended coverage, provided by private insurers. And, it is illegal to purchase insurance against the long wait times - if a patient wants to seek faster coverage elsewhere, it is out-of-pocket.

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