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Kate Kendell: LGBT Rights at a Crossroads

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Mark Sullivan Avatar
Mark Sullivan
Posted: 01.16.10, 07:26 PM
This very smart young woman trivializes her arguements and does her side damage by making arbitrary, obviously false pronouncements like, "Sexual orientation or gender orientation are irrelevant." She aks, "What are we missing?," while being puzzled that gay marriage has NEVER passed in any state when placed on the ballot. She does not apply much intellectual rigor to her arguements. If we are to reverse the traditions, moral principles, laws and religious beliefs held by all societies and all of the major faiths of the world throughout history, without exception, and change the meaning of the word "marriage" to include a meaning it has never had at any time in any society throughout the history of mankind, then we need a better answer than, "Because we think it should be that way." Convince me, Ms. Kendell! Your feelings are not a sufficient basis for such a radical change to the future of human civilization. The trite, sophomoric pronouncement that, "Two people who love each other should be able to marry," or "We just want the same rights as everyone else," do not hold up to legal, moral or intellectual scrutiny. Go back to the drawing board and stop looking for loopholes, political tactics or new ways to dress up the same ineffective arguements.
Posted: 09.16.09, 02:54 PM
it does not matter your sexual preference. but as I have observe the gay society is no different than the republican right wing party so what is the gay agenda?

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