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Jane Goodall: The Plight of the Chimpanzee

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Allen Asch Avatar
Allen Asch
Posted: 11.20.09, 02:05 AM
You should look into Systems Ecology,Industrial Ecology,Thermoeconomics(Biophysical Economics) for certain perspectives and overviews of human sustainability. I agree with Jane...There is something we can do about this. Also, you should look into Technocracy and Energy accounting. They helped formulate some of the material of what these groups use.
silviBB Avatar
Posted: 10.24.09, 05:00 AM
Madam,I really like reading or knowing about ecology,I wish high school students have ecology or conservation as either a optional or compulsory subject,hope in future they may become eco-wise(so to say),and do some online or offline work in ecology or conservation.Thank you
Maureen Avatar
Maureen +
Posted: 10.07.09, 11:03 AM
What a wonderfully generous woman. Her heart fills this auditorium!
peiklooi Avatar
Posted: 09.15.09, 07:34 PM
Truly inspirational!

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