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Ethan Nadelmann: True Obstacles to Drug Law Reform

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socialworker34 Avatar
Posted: 04.27.12, 02:26 PM
Like alcohol Prohibition in the 1920s, which was meant to excommunicate particular substances from culture, drug prohibition has not simply failed its objective however has certainly made its objective unimaginable. The failures of prohibition are painfully apparent: lost cash, lost lives and lost possibilities. Figuring out exactly what works finest is less straightforward, however we have instances from all over the globe and also our very own states of policies that show improvement and represent possibilities to enhance. Setting a brand-new aim for drug policy is a start: the objective ought to be to lessen damage linked with drugs, such as increased rates of heroin and other opiate rehab , in addition to damage induced by drug policies. Some USA states and some nations are using brand-new techniques that move in this direction. Instead of setting a solitary style for success, we can easily consider these different policies for concepts as we work toward reform.
already in use Avatar
already in use
Posted: 07.26.11, 05:39 PM
CANNABIS is just a plant ,, treat it like TOMATOES.. HUMANS have had their HUMAN rights to use , grow & posses this natural plant , TAKEN AWAY by authorities who have MORAL & RACIST ISSUES on their agenda. AMERICA is in the hands of greedy powerful prison building & drug pharma groups with NO GOOD intentions. PROHIBITION is an extremely pervasive EVIL that continues to do much DAMAGE around the WHOLE WORLD. however , many countries have seen the light & are reforming this reppressive stance on their own citizens. COMPASSION & CARE ,,, when did you last hear these words in a prohibitionist argument ? consider the "TOMATO MODEL" we should be free to grow & use as we please. GO the "TOMATO MODEL" or prohibit tomatoes, that's how how obscene & ridiculous this drug law really is.
already in use Avatar
already in use
Posted: 07.26.11, 05:18 PM
Keepaysf - an overly verbose comment indicating faux intelligentsia , mostly counter productive & parading narcissistic colours. to believe in this cause & to then unfairly attack one of it's prime , highly informed & lucid spokesmen cancels out each other,, if you have nothing positive to say. say nothing. ------------------------------------------------------- This is possibly one of the BEST presentations , of the countless debates I have seen , of the facts in a cohesive argument I have encountered. Nathan sees right through all the gross diatribe about this Prohibition issue & nails the points , one by one to your forehead. I applaud his efforts & wish him success in penetrating the dull minds of Americans too used to being dictated to by governments & vested big business interests , & too lazy to think for themselves. WELL DONE ETHAN NADELMANN ..kudos a plenty.
keepaysf Avatar
Posted: 10.12.09, 12:40 PM
Rational activists involved in this critical issue, so deserving an epiphanous groundswell demanding immediate evisceration of the status quo, must track down, dart, tranqualize, and rendition this stunningly wretched representative of their cause. Immediately. Obtain a transcript (assuming any transcriptionist or technological proxy is actually capable of tolerating this cosmically shrill hour of desparate, 120 decible attempted auto-erotic self-asphyxiation) of his comments, find a balanced mammal to present said comments to the public, and call it a good day's work. I believe in this issue, and I believe it deserves a passionate, brilliant, fearless, unreserved and relentless spokesperson. This speaker conveys little of any of these virtues, instead displaying a 9-month old's grasp of effective pursuasion via tantrum, breathlessness, an unshakable conviction that around him revolves the universe, and above all, preposterous reliance on unchecked, ear-splitting, issue-killing volume.

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