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The Facebook Era: Clara Shih

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socialseminars Avatar
Posted: 01.27.11, 10:19 PM
Thank you Clara for a job well done. sandy
Jann Avatar
Posted: 01.18.10, 06:47 AM
Im wondering what happen to the old hypes like Second Life , mySpace - or lets get more in the past to the even more older hypes: ICQ , AOL , joost The internet is all about freedom and independence. Everyone who tries to imprison the user platforms is playing a loosing game.
J Patrick McCabe Avatar
J Patrick McCabe
Posted: 10.23.09, 09:40 PM
The big problem for me, too many so called "friends". I was off FB for a couple of weeks before one person noticed I was gone... out of over 100 "friends". LOL ... so much for that. One point she does seem to make is that people like to talk about themselves. I don't like the idea of my contacts, family, thoughts, images, and daily drivel, are all part of some some remote and eternal log book that is overseen by unknown persons or entities for purposes even to be yet discovered.
4TimesAYear Avatar
Posted: 09.29.09, 12:51 AM
You're right, it is an invasion of privacy. People you don't know and haven't invited to be your friends sticking their noses into your business - whether one pays any attention to them or not.
gleonhard Avatar
Posted: 09.11.09, 04:52 AM
Nice stuff!
Invictus_88 Avatar
Posted: 09.10.09, 06:05 PM
"As Clara said, you're the only one who chooses what to share on social networking sites." But all it takes is a connection between that and personal web-search data, and all choice is lost.
mszlazak Avatar
Posted: 09.05.09, 09:01 PM
Facebook is a Fad. We'll see how long this lasts.
pokerandwine Avatar
Posted: 09.03.09, 01:16 PM
@Heybd I don't see how a hyper-targeted ad can be more annoying than "a cold call from a marketer". Would you rather listen to a pushy salesman trying to convince you that you really need a life insurance or simply ignore the Facebook ad, which you do anyway? I don't understand why you're so angry about marketers trying to customize theirs ads based on your identity and interests. As Clara said, you're the only one who chooses what to share on social networking sites.
Vasil Avatar
Posted: 09.03.09, 01:01 PM
Nothing groundbreaking to learn from this presentation, but it was definitely a reminder for me to setup my Facebook privacy settings.
heybd Avatar
Posted: 09.02.09, 01:19 PM
This is kind of scary. I don't want the internet to know who I am and what I like whenever I am online. Is there nothing businesses won't exploit to make a sale? Probably the only thing more annoying than a cold call from a marketer is one from a complete stranger who stalked my facebook page to learn about my personal background to establish a fake rapport with me. Creepy! For some reason, I don't mind the fact that Google ads in my gmail scan the content of my emails to display related ads, but that's a lot different than scanning my personal profile to show ads that relate to my identity. It's an invasion of privacy, and there had better be options to make your profile off-limits to advertisers. And on a somewhat tangential note, who here has ever clicked on an advertisement online? In 12+ years of using the internet, I have never, EVER clicked on an ad. I think it's ridiculous.

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