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David Cameron in Conversation with Nassim Taleb

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Rick NL Avatar
Rick NL
Posted: 11.21.09, 06:42 AM
He maybe right (and he's a smart guy with more money on a bank account than you will ever earn) but what is the solution? More transparency? I don't want to know what they're doing in in DC, Paris, London, Frankfurt and Beijing but it affects me one day for sure (hyperinflation will wipe out my carefully constructed savings over the last 15 years). More democracy? That will only increase the lobbying industry pursuing focused interests. Maybe what we need is more checks and balances in the system with trustworthy, smart people having a greater say in how we make decisions as a society, well shielded off from the flavour of the day currents. Let markets pursue their perfection in a ring- fenced way and create a society where choices made by people have consequences for those same people.
mavallarino Avatar
Posted: 10.23.09, 12:50 AM
Finally somebody with a half of brain. The "basis point" predicament; these shifts are a real problem - there is too much bias in human behaviour. Humans have become poor-thinking and thus have become parasite-like. Popper once said, "history repeats itself but never in the same way", however, the USs' situation resembles a certain country of the 1930s.
Trevar Avatar
Posted: 10.21.09, 12:27 PM
@joachin Try using the embed code. Click SHARE on the player (bottom right corner) and then copy the code from the EMBED field that pops-up on the right.
joachin Avatar
Posted: 10.21.09, 07:05 AM
How do I share this video in my Wordpress blog? In youtube I just put the "v" word after the http. thanx,