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A REALLY Inconvenient Truth: Dan Miller

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Vasil Avatar
Posted: 08.27.09, 02:08 PM
Thank you very much for responding, Dan.
DannyAstro Avatar
Posted: 08.26.09, 05:58 PM
As I mentioned in the talk, geo-engineering is like chemotherapy. It has serious side-effects, but the impact of not doing it (possible collapse of civilization) may not be acceptable. Some approaches, such as reforestation, don't have serious downsides. Putting smoke in the upper atmosphere is relatively easy and would work, but it could cause serious disruptions to weather patterns and might do things like impact the ozone layer. It also does not fix the problem of too much CO2, it only hides it for a while. All coast lines will be effected by ~6 feet (2m) of sea level rise this century. However, Florida is so flat and so many people live within a few miles of the coast, it will be affected more than most other places. A problem of sea level rise that many people overlook is that, once it starts, it doesn't stop. So there isn't a new "safe" place to build on the coast. Each decade (in fits and starts) more and more coastline will be submerged.
pokerandwine Avatar
Posted: 08.26.09, 03:13 PM
Some parts of the lecture are extremely depressing., especially when Dan says that the first thing we should do is to ask for our children for forgiveness as their life would be hell no matter what. At around 18:50 he brings up an interesting point that now it is time to stop buying Florida’s real estate which would go down in price drastically. Would it apply to the West coast and Bay area? Does it mean that it safer to move to the mid-America in the nearest future?
Vasil Avatar
Posted: 08.26.09, 03:04 PM
Absolutely agree. Brilliant lecture! I have particularly enjoyed his explanation of geoengineering, a concept that was previously unclear to me. He speaks a lot about the pros of it, but I wonder if there's any cons of geoengineering not including the fact that it is very expensive.
KenS Avatar
Posted: 08.26.09, 08:20 AM
A great talk.

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