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A REALLY Inconvenient Truth: Dan Miller

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dogmatic Avatar
Posted: 09.03.11, 07:29 PM
How can you not see that it is exactly the capitalist mode of production that has caused and is now preventing us from this oncoming disaster? Don't you see that when it is logical to prioritize profit over human and environmental well-being there is something very wrong with this system? How can we keep growing the economy without ultimately consuming the whole planet and everything on it? Infinite growth on a finite planet is a delusional fantasy! We need to move beyond capitalism and money, develop and test alternatives because if not then we are doomed for failure.
DannyAstro Avatar
Posted: 04.17.11, 08:16 AM
The CO2 extractors are still in the research phase. There was a great overview article in Scientific American that you should read: The most important thing to do right now is to get your friends, family, and business colleagues to talk to their elected leaders and urge them to pass laws (especially putting a price on carbon) to get our country moving in the right direction.
raddog40 Avatar
Posted: 04.15.11, 04:50 AM
Thanks Dan I liked your straight up approach backed by the facts. You leave little room for the skeptics and others to disbelieve, but alas many will and do. I would like to pick your brain on how i may begin a program to work with mid-level corporations on building and installing the CO2 extractors in around and on their company's properties,and then expand as the tech grows. Who should i connect with how to get going etc , I am ready to to the work Now!and the world needs it yesterday. sincerer Jim Phillips Seattle WA.
donjuan Avatar
Posted: 03.08.11, 10:31 PM
Come on, can I reach you here? You just miss the main point: the reason we are doing this and cannot stop. You talk about food chain, but you don`t stop to realize that we might not be the one sitting at top of it. I can prove what i am saying, you are just not aware of it, that`s all. Most of us aren`t, but i`d love to tell you the truth if you wanted to know what i am talking about.
DannyAstro Avatar
Posted: 12.31.10, 09:06 PM
beckleybud: Unfortunately, you are wrong about everything in your post. The last decade was the warmest since temperature records began and 2010 is on track to be one one of the warmest years - if not the warmest year - on record. And this is with the sun being at a near minimum this year! Water vapor is a powerful greenhouse gas, but it is short lived and controlled by very long-lasting CO2. Due to global warming, there is already about 4% more water vapor in the air on average than in pre-industrial times and this contributes to the record rain (and, yes, snows) that we have been seeing. Recent scientific studies suggest that cloud cover will decrease with more warming and that means we may see the upper range of predicted warming, which is very bad news. Sea level has gone up, but not much yet. However, the rate is accelerating and the sea level will likely rise more than 3 feet and probably closer to 6 feet this century. Gravity studies show that Antarctica is losing ice in both West Antarctica and East Antarctica. You can say these things aren't true, but it doesn't change reality. This information comes from scientists doing actual studies that get published in peer-reviewed journals so that other scientists can evaluate and criticize their work. Quoting a professor that writes about long debunked ideas just doesn't cut it.
beckleybud Avatar
Posted: 12.30.10, 07:18 PM
A Really misinformed and inconvenient message
This is simply a regurgitation of Al Gore and the IPCC's twisted and corrupt science. There is strong evidence that we are entering a 30 year period of cooling and the evidence is overwhelming that the feedback from CO2 onto water vapor is actually negative with the result being a natural regulation of global temperature, not a runaway warming. Sea level has not gone up, the antarctic ice is increasing as is the arctic sea ice. Read Professor Roy Spencer's blog and find out what the real science is producing ! beckleybud
dan considine Avatar
dan considine
Posted: 12.04.10, 02:43 AM
Fora is great but why cant they do the most trivial and elemental stuff for a media presentation? a mike on the lapel so we can hear the voice when the speaker turns away to the screen.....and how about teaching the speakers to repeat the questions in the Q&A part so we understand his reply
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 11.12.10, 04:28 PM
Thanks Fora tv and Dan Miller, NO NEW INFORMATION. I say that because Dr. James Lovelock, studying the Earth as a whole living experience over 70 years yes seventy, check him out on youtube. For the last 25 years I have heard James say these very same things and has been called Mr. Doomsday. Also Googe Sun Sacrifices of thge human kind Peter Knopfler 2006.Or 2003 Dont let the Sun catch you crying.
Jonathan Wagner Avatar
Jonathan Wagner
Posted: 11.11.10, 03:42 PM
This may be a silly question, but since we can create holes in our atmosphere (such as we do with in the ozone layer) would it be possible to create a hole that would release CO2; and the sun would then be able to burn off the excess? A more radical possible solution would be to encourage the Yellowstone Caldera to blow. I understand that its due; I also wonder if this action was a feedback system that enabled the earth to maintain cooler temps in the past (though volcanic activity). Of course this would make life incredibly difficult for awhile and not just for North America but it would definitely pull our heads out of the sand. (Sounds like a SciFy Story). Thanks for the talk; I'm new to and very interested in Transition Town, Perma-Culture activities to lower my Carbon Foot-Print.

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