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overbet Avatar
Posted: 08.19.09, 02:54 PM
I say legalize it all. Everything, if you need an intervention then you will get it one way or another. I am sick of being told what I can and cant do by a bunch of scumbag politicians who are the lowest form of life themselves. I do not do any form of drugs but I have tried many of them. I choose not to do them because I decided I didn't need them. The truth is all drugs including alcohol are just band aides for deeper problems. It is like the girl who sleeps around with everyone because her father molested her. She doesn't need sex, she needs to work out her issues. Drug use is like sex for that girl. It makes the problem bearable. So, drug use is like a mini vacation from peoples troubles. Maybe they need a vacation. Eventually it will catch up to them and their lives will come crashing down around them. But maybe that is the type of catalyst they need to eventually move on and grow and become productive healthy members of society. In some cases you gotta hit the bottom before you can get up and drug use can bring you there faster. This society is already effed up what harm could legal drug use do? Maybe we'll lose some of the scum sooner, maybe we will need more law enforcement to maintain order and stop the crime. That might create jobs, there ya go Obama, there is some jobs you could create for your agenda. Legalize drugs, abolish the FED and Goldman then burn down Wall St and impeach Obama and let us be led by Ron Paul. Thats my opinion.
Rdallas1 Avatar
Posted: 08.19.09, 01:30 PM
I'm with pureevol, you can't compare the two. Cocaine is very dangerous and the truth is marijuana is not. I can't think of anything positive that would come out of legalizing cocaine. Some may argue that legalizing it may take away the "forbidden fruit appeal"but I don't believe that since cocaine is extremely addictive. On the other hand, in regards to marijuana I can think of plenty of positives, many discussed in this video. Orge, I completely agree that alcohol is deadly but please find me one credible report of death induced by marijuana...
orge Avatar
Posted: 08.17.09, 09:44 AM
explain your point please
pureevol Avatar
Posted: 08.16.09, 09:44 AM
legalizing cocaine, or even place marijuana and cocaine in the same group is just ignorrance at its best
orge Avatar
Posted: 08.15.09, 09:37 AM
Dear pokerandwine.. I disagree with you comparison of legalized heroin to giving away guns. Legalized heroin would be more in tune to buying high-powered guns. Marijuana and alcohol are (considering your analogy) like wal-mart guns, cheap yet deadly. Heroin or Meth would be more similar to high-powered rifles that can only be bought for a very high price. I believe the best way to deal with the drug problem is the same way we should be dealing with and the betterment of America as a whole. The majority of drugs addicts are at the bottom of the ladder, with little education and very poor income.
crashrat Avatar
Posted: 08.14.09, 02:10 PM
I'm all for legalizing all drugs, and let social morals direct the future of the next generations. I don't know of any government law that has proven to be affective in establishing a moral code in our society, it's the spiritual and societal laws that will advance the next generations to come. If all drugs were legal, it doesn't mean they are good, it just means you have the freedom to choose to be an addict, but if you are, you will suffer certain spiritual and societal repercussions because of it. Either way, we have to see that the way we deal with this problem is not working and it's time to start talking about a different way to approach addiction.
pokerandwine Avatar
Posted: 08.14.09, 01:13 PM
@Orge Of course we need a line. Unfortunately a personal choice of becoming a drug addict often involves others who don't want to be involved. Drug use should be constrained and/or regulated by the government. Legalizing heroin would be the same as giving away guns to everybody who would like to try shooting.
Mo_ Avatar
Posted: 08.14.09, 12:10 PM
Sometimes history is the best teacher. All drugs were legal at one point (not that long ago actually) and once drugs advanced through science (specifically medicine), the recreational use and abuse of drugs started to become a global problem. It was an interesting time and a quick google search for "origin of opium" and "history of drugs" might shed some light on your questions.
Shawn Cartwright Avatar
Shawn Cartwright
Posted: 08.14.09, 11:25 AM
Mr. Kirkland starts out the discussion on his heels with the repeated use of the term "They", I'm guessing he's referring to the rest of the responsible and thinking world? That last sentence may be construed as a literary 'low blow', but I mean it. Uncontrolled or unmanaged use of anything is a recipe for disaster. We're already bearing the social costs of the prohibition of THC. We spend BILLIONS of dollars fighting the drug trade, not to mention the billion + we spend incarcerating those participating in the drug trade. On top of all that cost is the collateral damage that the rest of us endure. Innocents caught in the crossfire. Families ripped apart by draconian laws and policies. Why did the EPA come into being? Uncontrolled and unmanaged use of environmentally dangerous products and processes... The cost of cleaning up the resultant super-fund environmental disaster sites is far greater than the cost of preventive maintenance and regulation. Ignorance is very expensive, and the tremendously ignorant prohibition approach to drug use has cost us dearly. It's time to recognize that human beings are going to use and abuse drugs. Providing some sort of managed and controlled environment for them to do it in is the way to go. Our local law enforcement agencies are evolving into paramilitary organizations so that they may attempt to keep up with the firepower of the cartels and dealer networks. If you legalize cornerstone of the drug trade (Marijuana accounts for as much as 80-90% drug traffic and profits by most estimates), you take out the kneecaps everyone in the drug trade overnight. Let's stop the FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) approach to debating this issue, Mr. Kirkland. Let's bring some real data and numbers to the debate and come up with an informed approach to the drug issue. And let's have a uniform approach to all drugs, understanding that they will all be used, and in some cases, abused by a subset of Human Beings. It's not bad. It's not good. It is just the way Human Beings roll, my friends. Read your history books if you don't believe me.
orge Avatar
Posted: 08.14.09, 11:21 AM
That's a good question...should cocaine be legal? I mean where do we cross the line, or do we even need a line? Should the government be able to tell me what I can and cannot consume, including cocaine, heroine, ect? I would like to see a debate about the legalization of all drugs, just to see the points.

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