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already in use Avatar
already in use
Posted: 07.26.11, 05:26 PM
Essentially , WHAT IS WRONG with the current SYSTEM , is that PEOPLE who experiment/use drugs are PUNISHED & thrown into PRISON. this is a most arcane , medieval & INHUMANE way to be treated. THE ISSUE should be a health & medical one ,, NOT LAW ENFORCEMENT> law enforcement breaks down your doors in SURPRISE ATTACKS & shoots you dead if you offer ANY RESISTANCE> SWAT teams are highly trained thugs with high powered WEAPONS & high tech body armour. WATCHOUT !!! your police FORCE is becoming more & more MILITARISED.. that's the danger. worst of all ...... THEY ANSWER TO NO ONE. AMERICANS are PRISONERS of their own greedy system.
desiredgenetics Avatar
Posted: 06.21.11, 02:28 PM
When he is talking about marijuana causing hospital visits he looks like he know the following. A hospital visit CAUSED by marijuana does not need to be caused by marijuana. When you visit the ER and they ask you about your drug use, if you say that you use marijuana at all, even if you have not used in months, It is counted as a hospital visit CAUSED by marijuana! This is BS and he knows it! OVER GROW!
Peace420 Avatar
Posted: 01.22.11, 01:28 PM
The more Kirkland talks the more he sounds like a dumbass who hasn't done any research on the BS he is speaking about.
masterblaster Avatar
Posted: 10.28.10, 01:48 PM
I am happy to live in an liberal science based country ( Holland ), There are allot of studies on Marijuana, A lot people still tends to state that Marijuana is more toxic as alcohol. Please look at the reliable studies (then we can talk). Here in Holland we have coffee shops to get our Marijuana and some of you American people still think that we also have drugs cartels. Mexico is really hell on earth right now, i don't get it that you all make such a sacrifice because of such an innocent and natural substance. it has already made more as 28,039 deaths (source: wikiP), you Americans also treat smoking people as criminals. It’s really unbelievable how your government defending their policy with sentences like "Marijuana is too expensive to be legal", why do you think it is so expensive... I am so happy I don't live there, I would really go crazy.. not even to speak about all the innocent people that are in jail, of smoking a joint. One thing tells allot about how the American government is thinking, they never talk about the scientific studies at what the impact is of Marijuana use... What really is the core of this political question. I really want some discussion on the INTERNET because it always seems that, everybody who digs deeper in this subject are for legalization, where are the opponents. The only opponents are the rulers in America and other opportunists who not even have to defend their decisions. And i have another question, Why are there in America cops that defending politics, In our country they are not allowed to do, Because we live in a democracy. And one very important factor is that because marijuana is illegal almost all over the world, it is still illegal to grow hemp here. due to that fact the hemp here is grown by illegal non controlled sources. This has contributed to that in the years the marijuana here is super dupah strong "nederweed", but because of this the CBD levels are very very low. CBD acts as an anti-psychotic and may counteract the potential effects of THC on individuals with latent schizophreniaas and inhibits cancer cell growth.(source: wikiP)
Dmitry76 Avatar
Posted: 10.23.10, 11:26 AM
If THC is so bad then Netherlands must be hell on earth. But in reality Netherlands are showing lower suicide and homicide rate than for example US.
diazjonathan Avatar
Posted: 05.26.10, 11:19 AM
Never in consumption true, but what about in driving under the influence. 3000 years ago we did not have cars or motor vehicles.
diazjonathan Avatar
Posted: 05.26.10, 11:17 AM
They did not talk about the death toll of driving under the influence of marijuana, I have a friend that die recently in car crash because of this. If many people die because of alcohol, then deaths will add up with legalizing marijuana in the drug death toll.
toasterface Avatar
Posted: 05.18.10, 05:37 PM
More people die from law enforcement than they do from pot.
Kiersten Avatar
Posted: 05.17.10, 12:27 PM
The cop doesn't belong on the board, couldn't they find someone better to defend prohibition? If not than doesn't that say everything about prohibition?
Kiersten Avatar
Posted: 05.17.10, 11:55 AM
Are you speaking English?

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