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Janet Napolitano: Counterterrorism in a Networked World

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jazzz1234 Avatar
Posted: 02.12.11, 08:41 AM
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Mark Sullivan Avatar
Mark Sullivan
Posted: 01.24.10, 10:35 AM
Ms. Napolitanoi and the Obama have done a fine job in combatting terrorism. We have only had two attacks in the first year of the adminstration. Bravo! If she had any character, she would admit she is not up to the task and resign. The Department of Homeland Security, the TSA and other government agencies have FAILED. Her claiming Obama is on top of the terrorism problem is not credible.
Larry Polsky Avatar
Larry Polsky
Posted: 11.28.09, 09:30 PM
People need to engage reality rather than escape reality - returning the military draft system should be considered essential in achieving that goal.
Irene_J Avatar
Posted: 10.30.09, 02:05 AM
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nightlight Avatar
Posted: 10.16.09, 08:02 PM
I agree with many of the points the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano brought up as to their efforts into our international and national security. I am pleased that she went through the complete list of countries that the 911 terror attackers of the World Trade Center were from, trained in and planed in, No mention of Iraq which only a few years ago would have made the room go agasp, so I would guess the intelligence agencies are less political now than then. I agree that we as a people need to be vigilant and watchful for unusual things and happenings to protect ourselves from other such attacks but I wonder just how much we should be snooping about our neighbors. The last administration taught us that we are extremely gullible and naïve to what ever the administration of the time tells us for what ever purpose that it may have and though it is probably on the level now and is with sincerity that warns us about potential threats I can't help wonder what of other administrations to come. Would, and could, the Homeland Security Agency become a internal agency that uses the possible threats as a means to control us. As far as terrorism in foreign countries, I am concerned that “our interest” often means -American capitalist interest-, such as the driving force that we now find ourselves involved with in the Mideast. We know that all too often American Corporations are up to no good here, not to mention influencing the government with their money, what makes one think that they would behave any better in a foreign country where their money might have even more influence, and if that interest should be threatened then our reaction would be to send in the air-strikes, hit squads or subversive agents or even troops. I am not saying that American corporations are always conniving but who watches over them? Several years ago the usual events were a corporation would be involved with a foreign government, or head of state, be they a ruthless dictator or whatever, and be very much involved in the oppression of the people for profits, or whatever, but should the people revolt then we would send in assassination squads, subversion personal, air-strikes and we would be told that we are helping our good friends put down a communist uprising. The point is, can we trust our intelligence agencies in the future to use their abilities for the good, truth and for the public good.
flash dave Avatar
flash dave
Posted: 10.13.09, 03:35 PM
I cheer for totalitarianism! *only because the watches might be watching...
Ted K Avatar
Ted K
Posted: 10.07.09, 06:54 AM
I didn't understand a single word she said.