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Pamela Ronald and Raoul Adamchak: The Food of the Future

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BuggyRidgeFarms Avatar
Posted: 01.18.10, 06:26 AM
The future of food and organic agriculture does not need to included GE crops. The future of food needs to include native and heirloom seeds that have already evolved and been bred under natural conditions. There is no guarantee that inserting the genes of unrelated species will ever be safe. Developing countries do not have the infrastructure to farm like we do in the USA. Check out these photos from a small farmer in India to see natural farming methods: I do not agree that farming or agriculture needs to be difficult or rely on expensive fossil fuel or synthetic inputs to feed the world. Check out my photos on: to see our 100% natural farming operation that relies on zero outside inputs. I do use minimal amounts of diesel fuel to make hay. That diesel fuel will be veggie oil within a couple more years. Jim Snyder Edmore, MI
teo_soares Avatar
Posted: 01.04.10, 03:44 PM
Well, I can't trust in GE, not because of GE itself, but because of the way it is used. It is used as a band-aid solution to a agriculture system that is already broken.
Invictus_88 Avatar
Posted: 09.10.09, 12:51 PM
Good to see some love for the Long Now Foundation, Spirit!
sevence06 Avatar
Posted: 08.29.09, 12:37 PM
As much as I am for having foods that can produce all the benefits mentioned in this video, I am still skeptical of GE if just for that fact that there is little federal oversight on GE intellectual property laws. Corporations like Monsanto have taken advantage of GE in the past by patenting plants that they modified and then suing innocent farmers who had Monsanto plants that pollinated onto their land. There is a documentary on Hulu (ironically titled The Future of Food) that outlines the dangers of GE or at least the dangers of placing ownership rights on something organic.
spirit Avatar
Posted: 08.17.09, 04:12 PM
Oh YEAH , Love It!!! Thank You LongNow!!! Thank You Fora.Tv
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