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Elie Wiesel: What Makes Us Moral?

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BonBee Avatar
Posted: 11.01.09, 07:27 AM
Actually, the translation from Hebrew as it appears in the Torah, is "Thou shalt not murder." The discussion then turns on the semantic difference between murder and kill.
Trevar Avatar
Posted: 10.19.09, 02:17 PM
@Ted K, Navigate to "FULL PROGRAM" tab on the bottom left of the player and then click "WATCH FULL PROGRAM."
Ted K Avatar
Ted K
Posted: 10.18.09, 05:09 AM
How can I see the whole video?
flash dave Avatar
flash dave
Posted: 10.13.09, 07:15 AM
Those that win the war and annihilate the opposition have more claim to just wars than those that are no longer around to speak otherwise.
LynnS Avatar
Posted: 10.05.09, 08:55 AM
I think he said the first question asked mankind by G_d is to Cain, but I think that actually the first question was to Adam. Did you eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil? The answer, the woman tempted me, and then the woman was asked and said the deceiver tempted me and interestingly there is nothing written saying that G_d questioned the deceiver. Also my understanding is that G_d said that if you eat of it surely you will die. Does that mean they understood death? Later the conversation began between Eve and the deceiver who said that eating of the tree would not cause death and Eve decided that the deceiver was telling the truth, therefore G_d was not. Thus began our excuses and our dilemma discerning what is truth and the beginning of separation between G_d and man/woman, and the separation between men and women. And that began the end of the deceiver. Well if you believe in that stuff. Maybe it was the end of innocence and the beginning of choice.
tomm541 Avatar
Posted: 10.04.09, 11:11 AM anybody here who ses through this too???
tomm541 Avatar
Posted: 10.04.09, 11:10 AM
...And there are 3 books about god (and many more), and many people with many power who all know excaclty how god wants us to behave and where we have to spend our money and with whom we should sleep or not... HA!
tomm541 Avatar
Posted: 10.04.09, 11:02 AM
Ha! We are all "descendants from Adam and Eve"... And we can all "choose what god wants us to be"... Ha!! Yeeeeeeeesssss, sure! Please, think about it!
natmanprime Avatar
Posted: 09.20.09, 02:47 PM
Rondrez, Assuming the deaths your father speaks of were german soldiers, his killings have to be moral because they were necessary. The soldiers were willing to kill to preserve their right to kill jews and other 'non-aryans' just for the sake of it. This is an example of when killing is moral, and this is why the commandment "thou shall not kill" has problems because it is absolute in nature. Let's say you had a chance to kill the 9/11 bombers before the event, you were on the plane. You knew what they were going to do. It has to be your moral duty to do kill them, for the sake of all that followed from it. Don't get me wrong, it's still a last resort after reasoning with them, but to kill them is justified morally. The same with your father. Even if it means he is damned for it, according to he rules of a god (which I don't believe made them) he STILL DID THE MORAL THING. Because regardless of whose religion is right and wrong, we know that REAL PEOPLE will die if he didn't do the right thing. For each person he killed, many more would have suffered and died at the hands of that person. Life is precious. Humanity is precious. I hope I haven't upset or offended you. Thank you.
natmanprime Avatar
Posted: 09.20.09, 02:21 PM
Ozipop, Wiesel said "war by definition is not moral apart from when it's a just war" Now, I don't think the fora people are to blame because Wiesel is clearly confused as to the definition of the words he's using, and they're just trying to make sense of them as best they can. However, I think Wiesel meant that a 'just war' is to be regarded as a 'moral intervention' and not a war, and that a war is something done for political reasons and is therefore immoral, as opposed to an 'intervention' done for moral reasons. My PERSONAL opinion is that the world should get together and fight any regime in the world that dehumanizes it's people and acts in abominable ways to them, especially if it starts killing them. By 'fight' I mean that it should be done in the RIGHT way, not carpet bombing civilians indiscriminately, etc. The country of the freed people should then be our ally and we should have mutual respect for each other, tolerating free speech.

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