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Howard Dean's Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform

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Larry Polsky Avatar
Larry Polsky
Posted: 11.28.09, 09:11 PM
It's about time......
spirit Avatar
Posted: 08.27.09, 11:12 PM
Yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can , yes we can ,......yes we will and this will work!!
websnarf Avatar
Posted: 08.09.09, 05:51 AM
Uhhh ... it might work on paper, but it seems a bit arbitrary. Carbon taxes should be used to fund incentive programs for development of clean energy, not health care. By tying two separate industries together you make one a hostage of the dynamics of the other. Look the people getting rich by killing people with our broken health system are health insurance executives. If you somehow impose a special tax on them, or in fact on all the private health insurures then, we would have the exactly correct thing happen.
Malcolm MacLeod,MD Avatar
Malcolm MacLeod,MD
Posted: 08.03.09, 12:33 AM
toosinbeyman: You got it right. I'm a retired Kaiser-Permanente pediatrician after 28 plus years here in Sacramento. Kaiser sells health insurance, but, it is not for profit, and just to be safe, the Kaiser Foundation pays the several million dollars they lose every year, so as not to get a tax bill. I was paid a salary; no forms. I started at $1500/month in 1968, and got 2 week's vacation at the end of that year. I loved it. I had no restrictions on my practice, did tests and lab work which I felt relevant, was never pressured to keep costs down, developed a great patient base, and never worried about the finances. I didn't get rich, but I was well cared for. That's the best medicine money can buy, and it's not that expensive. I graduated from the University of Virginia in the top third of my class, and I was for National Health Insurance at that time. I still am. M. MacLeod, MD
Posted: 08.02.09, 04:21 AM
The metropol is winning?
The idea of health care should be more so relate to the multi international corps to pay proper heath care for their workers and put the tax payer (already over tax) out of the investment without returns. Many false projects and govt ,programs have been the launching pad of destruction towards America as it stands today. The government control on any policy related to our survival on earth does not truly exist,unless fools believe it. For those in congress they have proven for the most part that government is corrupt, just don't get caught. Even so when they are caught justice is seldom served. This point proven as the last administration walk away.
toosinbeymen Avatar
Posted: 07.28.09, 12:41 PM
Thank you, thank you, thank you for this video. I completely agree with Dr. Dean on healthcare. A public option is essential. Anything less is not healthcare reform at all. It's about time.
sactownjudge Avatar
Posted: 07.28.09, 09:15 AM
Wait hang on - wasn't the carbon tax supposed to be used, according to the cap/trade legislation - supposed to be used to offset the increased energy costs imposed on middle class families BY the carbon legislation? So now we're going to use one wrongheaded, dysfunctional tax proposal to finance another wrongheaded dysfunctional piece of legislation? Perfect.