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The Electric Horizon: Shai Agassi

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Cavemanbob Avatar
Posted: 01.27.10, 03:09 PM
If the battery is really expensive, someone has to pay for it. Even if you rent/lease/borrow/swap the battery the cost is still there and it will still catch up to the consumer. So in the same way that the gasoline consumer does not own the wells, pipelines, refineries, stations etc. The consumer does pay for these things in the purchase price of the gasoline. Electricity is cheap, but what about electricity delivered as a swappable battery? What about the cost of new electric capacity? (Renewable or otherwise)
FlameYo Avatar
Posted: 11.19.09, 03:35 PM
Why not sell a car better than gas car and EV. This hybrid would run on carbon for extended range. Battery Tech. has always under delivers. Battery Cons- 4-8 hour charge and draining battery with A/C This would sell,but Agassi System would be used less.
mavallarino Avatar
Posted: 09.03.09, 06:44 AM
No it's not ironic. Cheveron is an energy distributor.
mavallarino Avatar
Posted: 09.03.09, 06:43 AM
nyemike Avatar
Posted: 09.01.09, 09:53 PM
making the heart of the automobile industry a consumer electronic. over time consumer electronic prices go one way; down.
Rdallas1 Avatar
Posted: 09.01.09, 03:08 PM
Another related article:
mszlazak Avatar
Posted: 09.01.09, 12:07 PM
I really appreciated Shai's vision and approach. Two issues that I'd like to know is the speed of battery technology advancement. Is that following Moore's law (doubling capacity every 18 months)? It does not seem so. Never the less, improvements in battery technology in terms of energy density are needed so that larger electric cars could be possible. North Americans among others like to drive these bigger vehicles. At that point adoption should ramp significantly as long as enough infrastructure is in place. Terrific talk.
eyo Avatar
Posted: 08.29.09, 07:55 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by BDW Is it a little ironic that the opening commercial for this video clip is by Chevron? I was thinking the same thing...
BDW Avatar
Posted: 08.29.09, 11:59 AM
Is it a little ironic that the opening commercial for this video clip is by Chevron?
Rdallas1 Avatar
Posted: 08.28.09, 04:46 PM
Interesting video. I found the demonstration of the switching of batteries on youtube: