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Harry Jaffa: A New Birth of Freedom

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socratus Avatar
Posted: 12.21.09, 01:01 AM
Can a Rational Individual believe in God ? In other words: Can God be atheist, governed by scientific laws? Of course Because if God exists, he must work in Absolute Reference Frame and have a set of Physical/ Mathematical laws to create everything And if we find this God’s Absolute House then we can understand Cod’s Physical Laws # Has God known the formula: E=Mc^2 ? If God has known the formula why HE / SHE /IT didn't write it in His Bible? =========.. The people created a God. No one knows what the external characteristics of this God are, a God who made himself known with the name " I am who I am ". Is it enough for us in the XXIc ? Why didn’t the formula E=Mc^2 write in the Bible? ===============. . Each religion uses a system of symbols (images, metaphors, ancient myths and legends , beautiful stories) to explain its truth. But Bernard Shaw wisely remarked : “ There is only one religion, although there are a hundred versions of it.” It means that the source of all religion is one. And I try to prove this idea with the formulas and laws of physics. I don’t invent new formulas. I use simple formulas which ,maybe, every man knows from school. Is it possible? Is it enough? Yes. Because the evolution goes from simple to the complex. So, in the beginning we can use simple formulas and laws. For this purpose I explain what the first law of Universe is, and second law is and ...........etc. Step by step I create a logical system of the Universe. ============= . . Science and Religion: Is there a conflict ? Or maybe: Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. / Albert Einstein. / Or maybe: All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. / Albert Einstein. / # Science and Religion: Is there any conflict? Or maybe there isn’t any conflict. Religion or Physics ? Faith or Knowledge ? Or maybe our stupidity asks these questions. === . If I were God, I would give chance to Human to understand who I am by analyzing the physical formulas, equations and laws. Because to create Everything I need them. So, logically, catching the thread of the physics Human can understand Me and My Work. ============== . Best wishes. Israel Sadovnik Socratus
Zachary Avatar
Posted: 10.27.09, 12:38 AM
Le Corbusier, that's interesting information about the amount of Sweden's charity. Do you think the amount would be different Sweden had to provide for it's own defense? If Sweden has a military incident you guys will probably (along with the rest of Europe) rely on the US military won't you? The Swedish military is only 12,500 people, but I guess the Swedish military might not be necessary since you guys aren't strategic in any way and you haven't been involved in a major war since 1814. Perhaps one might argue that you were involved in supplying the Hitler with iron, but I meant involved in the sense in which one fights for something, rather than the sense of profiteering. I don't know if that's immoral necessarily to supply Hitler with the means to effectively wage war on the world. Maybe it's amoral. And maybe that's what poses a threat to democracy.
admin Avatar
Posted: 10.26.09, 11:52 PM
I would remind you that you all have pledged to abide by the community rules. These video's are not compulsory and if you find them displeasing you may either stop watching them or converse with others via the message option. As we on desire elevated discourse I exhort you all to prefer reason over assertion. Also, I urge you to abide by your stated agreement to the first community: "Do not post content that is deliberately hostile and insulting." Thank you for your civil participation.
le corbusier Avatar
le corbusier
Posted: 08.25.09, 07:01 AM
I agree, this was indeed a very strange clip. I'm guessing my own dear homeland Sweden is just the kind of immoral place he fears the world will turn in to.... i wonder if it's the fact that we're one of the countries that give most of our BNP to international aid every year or if it's our public healthcare for the underpriviliged that pose the greatest threat to democracy? I also wonder if George Washington wouldn't have told this man to generally "f off" and stop confusing his calls for private morality with thoose for public piety?
drpsionic Avatar
Posted: 08.24.09, 09:04 PM
This one just makes no sense whatsoever.
dr_e Avatar
Posted: 08.21.09, 10:11 AM
This is with out a doubt the most idiotic video I have seen highlighted by this site
Ozipop Avatar
Posted: 08.20.09, 11:33 PM
Moral judgements are the direct result of neurological processes, so in that sense morality must be subjective. I donno what exactly this guy is on about. Just because the possible outcomes of such a conclusion are objectionable, does not make them untrue . The imaginary anecdotal argument was utter fail.
James Allen Holder Avatar
James Allen Holder
Posted: 08.20.09, 07:38 PM
It was rather hard to follow him in this brief snippet, but I didn't find his arguments to be all that worthwhile. Just more right-wing hot air.
jasonkostr Avatar
Posted: 08.19.09, 11:28 PM
although i don't feel he was overly articulate...i do appreciate his connection between moral objectivity's connection and democracy. I have heard other experts on Marxism state that the moral conscience of individuals a group or society was ultimately the downfall of Marxist societies. However, I do find it a stretch to state that our countries turn towards a relative idea of morality necessarily means that we are turning from democracy. by the way. i would have to say that the previous post is rather moronic itself and quite naive. there is a plethora of material that gives us insight into the morality of both Lincoln and Jefferson and others from centuries ago. Should we not learn from them?
ryanspeck Avatar
Posted: 08.19.09, 05:28 AM
Well, that was insipidly moronic. Judeo-Christian thought lends itself to democracy about as readily as hunger lends itself to flight. Trying to whitewash Lincoln and Jefferson into some religious moralists is disingenuous. And, at best, any thoughts on some sort of strict objective morality from people centuries ago comes across now as patently naive.