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Axis of Evil: Christopher Hitchens

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Paul Jones Avatar
Paul Jones
Posted: 11.20.09, 05:05 PM
Fight totalitarianism abroad by growing it here at home via the War on Terror... Hmmm... I'll pass.
kenny Avatar
Posted: 11.16.09, 05:34 PM
Noodle_Tux, Am i correct in assuming your post was directed toward another poster (perhaps Ouroboros or Invictus_88) rather than me? I dont think anything i have written could be construed as taking the side of religion. If so, all i can say is i agree with your analogy. Our world would not suddenly become bereft off challeges of course, but as i've said earlier, the demise of religion would rid us of one vehicle used to justify heinous acts. If an individual, group or nation commit crimes against humanity, how do they construct a defence for their action? As it is, RC's can listen to the Pope denounce condom use in AIDS ravished Africa thus condemning millions to die, allowing the RC community reason to do nothing...the Pope being infallable afterall. Islamists have religious backing and scripture to do almost anything to an infidel, just for being an infidel. Denied that sort of excuse can only be a good thing. For the many who do good things in the name of religion today, there is no compunction to cease their good works in a religiously free world tomorrow.
Noodles_Tux Avatar
Posted: 11.16.09, 02:56 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Invictus_88 No, you're still missing the point. You're obsessing over religion, even to the point of assuming I am one when you've no evidence for it. My word, I've been reading this for the last five minutes and have just realised I rather recognise your name...I wonder if you are who I think you are. So my point is this. Why do you continue to apologise for religion? If you are who I think you are, then I know you enough that you are not religious (too any great extent), and I know you are a damnably bright person. So why do you side with religion? Or is it that you do not have a side? If so then why get involved as you clearly have. Tell me, why we cannot do without religion? I have never believed in a god, no more than a 5 year old thinks he is a tree. Am I not a moral person? I am just like you, but I have never needed nor belonged to a religion. People do not need religion, and when they realise this, well, they probably won't notice, people being people. But the world will, in some small way, be if not more peaceful, then certainly mentally healthier. To think of an analogy - imagine you wish to diet. And you wish to eat some bacon. What do you do? You trim the fat off. Sure, there will still be fat in the meat, but you trim the fat off because it is pure fat. It doesn't detract from the taste of the bacon, nor that it is still bacon. But it is better for you. Now imagine the world, or rather, humanism as bacon, and religion as the fat. You take away religion and you are left with a population just as moral, if not more moral, than before. And what you have taken away is irrationality, faith and of course, those pesky fundamentalists who just love each other so much. But you still have decent, hardworking, intelligent people at the end of the day. To sum all this up in the words of the Hitch himself - tell me, what good act can a theist do that an atheist can't?
morphex Avatar
Posted: 10.29.09, 01:36 PM
The vehicles of oppression of which you speak, Invictus_88 don't last long (even though N.Korea is still with us), not much more than a generation or two. The religious tyrannies have endured for millennia, and the succession of imperial structures they supported have endured for many centuries: Czarist Russia, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Imperial Rome, Imperial India, the Aztec/Toltec regimes, the Inca, Babylonia, the Ottomans, and so on.
morphex Avatar
Posted: 10.29.09, 01:28 PM
I'm of two minds about the Elgin Marbles. The English still take good care of them, and have for close on to two centuries. When Elgin PURCHEASED the marbles (beating out the French, who were also after them) the Turks, who -- alas! -- had legal if not moral title to them, were using them for target practice. But for the mythical "theft" of the marbles by the Brits, they would probably have been irretrievably lost. On the other hand, the Greeks have, in the last few years, created a public context into which the marbles can physically placed and viewed by the larger world that, like Greece itself, owes so much to the ancient democratic polity that created itself and flourished around the base of the Acropolis and the nearby hills.
far_spam Avatar
Posted: 10.23.09, 05:31 AM
Nice story about Saddam but everyone knows who put him there... What he describes in his first piece is what happens when you put a rabid dog in a well full of kids... WHO PUT THE DOG IN THE WELL!!!!
Allan Avatar
Posted: 09.28.09, 02:21 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by jongadel it is still broken! here's the error line: 48 char: 3 error: object doesn't support his property or method url: That's a common warning seen in internet explorer caused by certain advertisements. It does not prevent you from using the site or watching video. Check our Help section or contact us directly if you continue to see problems.
jongadel Avatar
Posted: 09.27.09, 10:42 PM
it is still broken! here's the error line: 48 char: 3 error: object doesn't support his property or method url:
jongadel Avatar
Posted: 09.27.09, 10:41 PM
this video is 'still' not playing for me after i reported this error more than 24 hours ago this is a javascript error: line: 48 char: 3 error: object doesn't support his property or method url:
justme Avatar
Posted: 09.27.09, 07:44 PM
Yes...the Iran is bad...but USA is angel...the USA is bad. why only usa can build bombs, bomb other countries..kill people...but when someone else tries to protect themselfs from USA, then those countries are bad..and evil.. USA is evil, no need to be very smart to see that. usa only wants to take all oil, kill milions of people cause some few rich bastards likes so. Every country have that right-to pretect itself.. usa tries to look like hero..- we'll protect whole world from those bad guys..If usa really wanted to help-they can help African people, but what they're doing? theyuse those people as lab rats, by giving experimental drugs, in food and so on.

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