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Axis of Evil: Christopher Hitchens

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Previous FORAtv comments:
deeliciousplum Avatar
Posted: 01.04.12, 09:37 AM
Thank you for sharing this interview. Mr. Christopher Hitchens is not infallible. Mind you, there are numerous & deluded members of our species who questionably claim themselves to be infallible. Mr. Hitchens' support for the removal of rulers and of regimes that were committing heinous crimes against humanity is quite a meaningful and humanitarian stance. Christopher Hitchens - "A pacifist who states that under no circumstances do you take another person's life or be responsible, that, I think, is an immoral position. 'Cause it leaves other people to make the choices of who is going to die. You've just exempted yourself."
Gumnaam Avatar
Posted: 12.24.11, 07:47 PM
Hitchens is one-sided. He never questions mindless bloodshed caused by Americans around the world not to mention bullying every other country. What about the 600,000 Iraqi children who died for lack of food and medicine due to American-led sanctions?
neilrieck Avatar
Posted: 12.21.11, 05:58 PM
I'm a huge fan of Christopher Hitchens but find it difficult to believe that a man so smart thought blended scotch whiskey was the best. Meanwhile, every "civilized man" who ever lived under the British Empire (I'm a Canadian born in 1952 so I'm included) knows that a single malt whiskey is far superior. I prefer Glenmorangie while my in laws prefer Glenfiddich.
LaylaE Avatar
Posted: 05.10.11, 10:18 AM
C.Hitchens is briliant mind of our time.
Terry Slater Avatar
Terry Slater
Posted: 01.23.11, 03:50 AM
What are we going to do without this mans insight?
MartinJurca Avatar
Posted: 01.19.11, 09:12 AM
Has anyone link to the video of Saddam Hussein, which Christopher mentioned on the start?
Jamol Avatar
Posted: 12.31.10, 11:47 PM
It's always educating and entertaining to see Christopher do what he does best. Hope he greats better soon.
loftywiseman Avatar
Posted: 12.11.10, 11:06 PM
What's with the audio? Not that hard is it? Put mic in front of face. Switch on. Leave...
Lary9 Avatar
Posted: 09.27.10, 02:25 PM
Reply to Periergeia~ Now I see what Prof. Alan Guth is getting at with his Theory of Inflation.
kenny Avatar
Posted: 09.24.10, 08:17 AM
Indeed. It is easier to rationalize an excuse to do nothing than to do the right thing. The right thing being what we do when everything else fails. Without denying the import of many moral questions, we appear to leave the greatest and most urgent to last. Hunger and genocide, despite its prevalence, requires only the resourse of will.

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