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Antonio Damasio: This Time With Feeling

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Aspen Ideas Festival 2009

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MTVSL Avatar
Posted: 03.31.11, 11:11 AM
kchartstein, I find it odd that you would have such a low opinion of both David Brook and Gene Roddenberry who both seem to me to be quite intelligent, even when compared with the likes of Antonio Damasio. I find Antonio's thinking to be absolute genious however not revelutionary or unique. I suppose in western thinking it might be fairly unique but when compared with the thinking of many asian and south asian cultures, he is really just reinventing the wheel. His basic idea as far as I can tell is what Buddhists refer to as duality, in this case the duality of logic and emotion. He is realizing on his own the balance of the universe, which is quite remarkable. Not an easy concept to come up with.
Emilio Marengo Avatar
Emilio Marengo
Posted: 10.01.10, 07:35 AM
I love you Antonio... (great stuff professor!!)
morrison33 Avatar
Posted: 06.06.10, 07:19 AM
Great to hear Professor. Damasio in person. His ideas about the precise involvement of emotional activity in the way we make decisions was revolutionary when it came out in 1995 and it remains so in 2010. Great work.
wsoutherland Avatar
Posted: 11.23.09, 07:06 PM
You may refer to him as Mr. Spock or Ambassador Spock. Dr. (Benjamin) Spock was a real life pediatrician who wrote a bunch of books on how to raise children.
kchartstein Avatar
Posted: 08.17.09, 05:31 PM
My frustration with David Brooks as an interview can be summed up by this comment during the portion on STUDYING EMOTION: "We have modern philosophers: a guy named Gene Roddenberry who created a guy named Dr. Spock..." I can't really blame him though. If I had the chance to interview Antonio Damasio (whom I count as one of the most important thinkers of our time) I'm pretty sure I would stutter and stare too. For a more coherent Brooks, who actually has some great ideas integrating neuroscience and sociology I would recommend his lecture (on FORA).
AGENTE"B"1633. Avatar
Posted: 08.11.09, 11:51 PM
emotion con be control and used against others in a positive or nagative maner depending on the persons
AGENTE"B"1633. Avatar
Posted: 08.11.09, 11:47 PM
the poewr of fait is more powerfol wen then thers more tan one to use the fait of the true god to to move the heavens

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