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Dan Siegel: The Brain and the Developing Mind

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Bailey1111 Avatar
Posted: 02.06.11, 01:01 PM
these viedos dont work
Don_H_rti Avatar
Posted: 05.07.10, 12:25 AM
Regarding the nature of evidence, I like Ken Wilber's book "Eye to Eye." wherein he examines three realms of knowledge: the empirical, the rational, and the contemplative. I recommend it regarding this topic.
Rocket Avatar
Posted: 12.02.09, 07:42 AM
browser111.... you, my man, are greatly uninformed about what Buddhism "is" ..... It is 98% a science of development of, direct experinece of, ones own mind. Science. The kind of science we need badly now..... subjective science that illuminates, when it is practiced sincerely with skilled guidance, one own mind. Its not an intellectual process, We are in danger of seriously damaging one another and the ecosystem due to our minds are out of control and we are making truly crazy decisions due to our messed up minds. We need this kind of science, big time.
browser111 Avatar
Posted: 10.31.09, 10:43 AM
The "mind as regulatory process" is not science. It's just a re-construction of words for belief systems that see the mind a separate from and controlling the brain i.e., soul, etc. Why is not the mind just our subjective experience of the chemical workings of the brain and nothing more ? Buddhism tries to portray itself as mind science but it is really mostly a belief system. It does have a stronger internal logic than other religions but it is still a systems of belief not verifiable science. Mindfulness mediation is valuable but lets not deceive ourselves as to what is belief and what is verifiable.
Edward Arroyo Avatar
Edward Arroyo
Posted: 10.29.09, 02:15 PM
Mind shmind. So far, no substance. He's not saying anything new. Read "Biology of Belief" or "The Wisdom of Your Cells" by Dr. Bruce Lipton if you want to hear about where/what "mind" is IN RELATION TO EVERYTHING ELSE. MIND (and BRAIN) don't exist in a vacuum. There is context (or, its environment). MIND regulates, but must be able to read and respond appropriately (to its environment) -- otherwise, it is doomed to allowing dis-ease and will not survive.
reymaravilla Avatar
Posted: 10.22.09, 03:05 PM
I'm trying to view these videos, but are unable to do so. I have flash player correctly installed on the linux version of Opera, on a maxed out portable. What's the problem?
josealonsoleon Avatar
Posted: 08.25.09, 01:05 PM
Mind boggling yet so much common sense....:-) Great lecture.

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