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A View of the Economy from the Federal Reserve

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Commonwealth Club of California

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Previous FORAtv comments:
Pess Avatar
Posted: 01.03.10, 12:09 AM
she pisses me off..
rkm Avatar
Posted: 10.08.09, 06:51 AM
The Economy is like a car; the more sophisticated technology you add to it, the less you understand how it really works.
Boycetalbert Avatar
Posted: 09.18.09, 12:30 AM
This professoral egghead is exactly who we do NOT need on the FED.
PsychoticusRex Avatar
Posted: 07.28.09, 12:30 AM
Date line Commonwealth Club: Smarmy industry representative reassures manipulable landless peasants of stability and prosperity ensured by under regulated and legally/civilly immune non governmental organizations efforts to obfuscate blatant evidence of criminal and unethical behaviour by same organization with tried and true tactic: "Who are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?" with backhand pandering to ingrained pusillanimity for authority figures. <On No News Service @ 11>
turbobrain Avatar
Posted: 07.20.09, 02:30 AM
The FED needs to be audited. Support HR 1207 bill. Time we get a handle on this crooks. Not surprised to see this types of speeches considering the FED is under pressure and trying to strengthen its PR. Don't fall this type of information. Inflation is the real threat. Inflation is the increase in money supply not the increase in prices...that is a by-product of too much money floating and the devaluation of the dollar. That is most urgent concern. The talk of an international currency shouldn't be taken lightly. US public beware.
Mattyqwerty Avatar
Posted: 07.19.09, 11:37 PM
Is it any wonder that main street has contempt for the Fed. Yellan casually says that: * Toxic CDOs simply "spread" (blamelessly); * Nowadays hyper-inflation only happens in less advanced economies (hopefully); * The Fed will wind interest rates as far up as needed (without apology). Yellan showed the archetypical demeanour of the disconnected bureaucrat. They uses it to shield themselves from the shame of failure. In this case, it is the perennial failure to prevent bubbles that hurt us when they burst. Only a fool would believe that the Fed is competently managed - remember Greenspan. As I listened to this lecture I felt the red mist descend. Please provide a speaker with more passion for justice, as a tonic for this rot.

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